The Township of Jackson last passed a law, to force home owners to obtain a permits before putting a dumpster on their property.

Three things in particular stick out:

  1. Most towns do not require a permit, and those that do charge a fair amount of $25. It is a rarity for a New Jersey township to charge $100.
  2. This ordinance does not allow for dumpsters to be placed on your property if you do not have a paved driveway.
  3. The township demands a certified and notarized survey to be submitted with the permits. The cost of a survey is $750 – $1100.

This law discourages home owners from improving their homes.

Avi Herskowitz, a Toms River resident spoke at the Township meeting (Minute 28:11). Avi explained how is a supporter of this law, but the survey requirement must be removed. He also asked for another ruff inspector to be hired as the wait for ruff inspections is 6-8 weeks.

The councilmen agreed to amend the ordinance and allow a simple sketch instead of a certified survey. A councilman explained that the $100 fee is just to pay for the inspector to enforce this ordinance.

A prominent askan said:

“Tax payers didn’t say boo, they ( Jackson township) were discussing it for a month. People love to complain on WhatsApp chats and on Facebook, but no one ever complains to the township. When we asked people to come to the Jackson township council meeting regarding the sign ordinance , only a handful of us showed up, and thanks to the handful we were able to stop the ordinance. And for the rest of you who didn’t find the time today show up and let your voices be heard, shame on you. All sellers, agents and buyers should be complaining about this ordinance to the council and mayor, and not just kvetch on social media”.

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6 thoughts on “Jackson Township Amends Dumpster Ordinance”
  1. The olam should speak up. In Jackson the council Actually cares about what the public want

  2. Minute 50 has a Jew from nyc who is a Therapist who wanted to volunteer in the township and they never responded to his email.
    Where is the mayor ?

  3. Obviously, this is a problem for the orthodox. They don’t seem to have an issue with renting to slobs, tho, that park their cars on their front lawns. I guess one costs money, they other doesn’t. Well, not until the cars destroy the lawn. If they even give a damn. We need ordinances for some of the stuff that is going on with renters. The town is turning into Brooklyn.

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