The controversial Mr. Matthew Platkin has been nominated by Govornor Murphy to be the next Attorney General of New Jersey. A vote on Platkin’s confirmation is expected next week on the Senate floor.

When Matthew Platkin was Chief Counsel to Governor Murphy – from January 2018 to October 2020 – during the COVID-19 pandemic, he really exhibited a disregard for human suffering. Platkin drafted Murphy’s notorious “executive orders” that closed houses of worship but kept liquor stores open. Platkin torched Main Street businesses, shutting them down while big corporate operations were permitted to remain open. Platkin’s draconian mandates favored union busting Amazon and closed small family businesses.

M. Platkin

At the height of the COVID pandemic, Platkin allowed the family members of top administration officials to “jump the line” to get tested – while ignoring available scientific evidence regarding the spread of COVID in long-term care facilities. It was Platkin who drafted and signed Governor Murphy’s notorious Executive Order 103 – which ordered nursing and veterans’ homes to take people infected with COVID. That policy is responsible for the deaths of 10,000 nursing and veterans’ home residents.
 Platkin began his career advising Congress on policies that led to massive bailouts for corporations and the hollowing out of America’s middle class. Wall Street made out, Goldman Sachs profited, businesses on Main Street, and the working people who depended on them were made jobless. Foreclosures went through the roof, child hunger spiked, and average citizens suffered.  
Every Senator who votes for Matthew Platkin is voting for his RECORD as Phil Murphy’s chief counsel. Every Senator who votes for Matthew Platkin will face the voters next year – first, the primary electorate, then, in the General Election, where that Senator could find one or more opponents.

By Editor