Local Toms River activist started a petition demanding a stop to the zealous home inspections which Toms River residents need to endure so they may sell their homes.

The petition reads:

There’s a famous saying repeated in Ronald Regan’s name. When the Government says, “we are here to help you”- then you know you’re in trouble.
This proved itself in a colossal way when Toms River Code Enforcement Department has decided this past July, to police the homes sales and institute MCCUO, a CO inspection requirement for sellers to undertake before a property can transfer title to a buyer.

On the surface it seemed like a fair idea. We’ll send in our guys (inspectors) to the home and make sure its safe for the new buyers! “We’re here to help”.  But wait till you see the list of their requirements. Literally every inch of the home and premises needs to first be certified by outside contractors and that’s before Toms River even sends in their inspectors!

But wait-it gets better. The seller may have advertised the home as a 4 bedroom or their real-estate agent had it so listed on the MLS, and they did so because the sellers use the den as a bedroom for their nanny. Well in comes the TR “CO police” and now demand that you get engineering drawings for the 4th bedroom -because on their tax records the home was noted as a 3 bedroom. All in the name of… “We are here to help the buyer!!”

Click here to sign the petition.

By Editor