Chemed and LLRC have received from the State of NJ $7,700,000 for covid care and covid vaccines.

Chemed has gone on a mass campaign to get all Lakewood teachers to vaccinate. Most teachers have declined to take the vaccine.

Aaron Kotler and Township Committeeman Menashe Miller have a serious financial stake In Chemed and LLRC.

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10 thoughts on “CHEMED Gets $7,700,000 To Advance Covid Vaccines”
    1. So is a clinic in Brooklyn doing. Became a center for these fake shots
      Inside their office. &Monoclonal treatment because it brings money. During March and April and May last year. Their protocol was stay home and don’t dare come in and NO WE DON’T CONNECT YOU TO YOUR OWN DOCTOR OVER THE PHONE. WE DON’T PRESCRIBE HCQ AND ZINC AND ZYTHROMAX. STAY HOME – (NO CARING DOCTORS. – ONLY RN READING SCRIPT ) – BASICALLY JUST DIE THERE. QUIT FROM SUCH A CLINIC. OPEN A CHART SOMEWHERE ELSE. There are more Brooklyn clinics other than this Wermacht office

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