CHEMED is hosting family fun vaccine events for kids including ones at which it is giving out gift cards in exchange for children taking the covid vaccine.

An image of a flyer that CHEMED has posted

A robo call went out all over Lakewood on December 19th, calling out CHEMED for encouraging vaccines for children, in a town where most rabbis have strictly forbidden it. It also mentions the vast sum of money CHEMED is receiving.

Aaron Kotler and Township Committeeman Menashe Miller have a serious financial stake In CHEMED.

Miller & Kotler
Protesting at Chemed Vaccination Center

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8 thoughts on “CHEMED Bribes Innocent Children To Take Covid Shot”
  1. Where were those Aguda Rabbis when we needed them to urge international outrage to pressure Lapid to save Alta Fixsler (see Arutz7 Fri. Oct. 8th, by Binyomin Feinberg)? They had over a week’s time to act. Is it that there’s money in Kossel advocacy?

    Moreover, where are these Rabbis when it comes to pidyon shevuyim mamash, getting refusenik girls out of jail, and prevention of the persecution of such girls by the IDF draft office, and the wholesale hefkairus of allowing the IDF to increasingly pressure, dupe and convince girls to enlist despite their entitlement to religious exemptions, and the overall pritzus in the IDF which afflicts both female and male conscripts?

    In regard to these and other major problems, the slogan “Strengthening Torah Life. Advocating for the Community. Serving Each Individual” evaporates quickly.

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