Lakewood- Two of local weeklies published a call from Dr Doron Katz from Northern New Jersey asking all residents to “open their eyes” and see miracle of the covid vaccine. It ends off by saying ” getting vaccinated protects you, your family and everyone around you”.

A high school teacher, Mrs. G. Shapiro responded:

Hello Dr. Katz,

I am writing this in response to the recent ad in the BP Weekly that featured a picture and quote from you. I am assuming you are not aware of the reality and facts on the ground of the Lakewood community, hence you urged us all to get vaccinated to be able to “return to normalcy in our schools, shuls and daily lives”.Baruch Hashem our frum Lakewood community has retained its sanity and good sense for a long time now and we are “back to normalcy in our schools, shuls and daily lives” since last year Shavuos. My children and myself have had absolutely no restrictions in school attendance (I am a high school teacher and have children in both elementary and high school) this entire school year.  They have been attending school, full capacity, no masks, no social distancing etc. since September.  (Last year, they had classes after Shavuos through the end of the school year, albeit on a shortened schedule.  However starting September, there were no restrictions or changes at all.). This is true for all Lakewood schools, yeshivos, chadarim at all age levels. Our shuls have been operating as regular for just about a year now.  There is no capacity limits, no distancing limits and of course, no masks.  Our stores, supermarkets and shopping venues have also been open regularly for business.  In addition, we have been celebrating simchos; weddings, bar mitzvahs, kiddushim – all with no restrictions. All of the above without any symptoms of any pandemic.  Yes, the virus was circulating over the winter months (it finally caught up with my family in January) but BH as I’m sure you are aware, all the “doomsday predictions” of the medical professionals who warned against this return to normalcy, never came to be, b’Chasdei Hashem.  I thanked Hashem this entire year, and I continue to thank Him, that I live in a community that kept its “yiddishe seichel” intact throughout and valued the spiritual, emotional and mental health of our children and community. THEREFORE,I am not exactly sure what you mean with the words “getting vaccinated is our community’s best shot at returning to normalcy”.  We are back to normal for a long, long time and do not need any shot to get us there.  I would like to kindly request that you keep out of our community with these recommendations – we do not need them.  Baruch Hashem we are more normal than most others and would like to keep it that way.  If anything, these past 15 months have given us a healthy suspicion of the medical establishment, not trust.  We realized that they don’t either know what they are talking about and we should use our good sense and brains Hashem gave us.  Ads such as this one just further our convictions that they don’t know what they are talking about. I wish you the best of luck in getting Englewood and Teaneck vaccinated.  Please leave us in Lakewood out of the picture.

Local politicians including Avi Schnall from the Agudath Israel have been working with the Governor to enforce covid vaccines on the people – when the vast majority of the local population will not take it under any circumstances. As previously reported, CHEMED has received serious funding for covid vaccine propaganda, therefore has a personal interest in promoting the covid vaccine.


Jnews invites Dr. Doron Katz to write an article of explanation (in a fashion that can be understood by laymen) articulating the evidence that led him and other medical professionals to declare with absolute certainty that the vaccine helps.

Mrs. Shapiro correctly pointed out that the CDC—as well as Dr. Fauci—have been all over the map on this subject stating 90% efficacy, then 60% efficacy. Wear one mask, two masks, social distance 3ft, 6ft etc.

This is a serious invite! If you can demonstrate that the medical community is not “SLOGANEERING” for the government, by all means we need to take it seriously.

By Editor

4 thoughts on “Campaign To Persuade Lakewood Residents To Take Covid Vaccine”
  1. Why is Mr Katz so sure that a layman could understand the science behind it? Perhaps it is impossible without a rigorous background in science?

    Ask any Rav to write a one page article to explain to a layman why any halacha is true. He won’t be able to and we all know it, because it is too complex. Why would anyone think medicine is any different?

    1. There is something slimy about Jews selling out to the Democrat Party to spread the partyline doctrine and try to sell us on their social engineering schemes. The vaccines are experimental and coming from an anti-Semitic government that lied about everything covid related and used it to allegedly euthanize the elderly in nursing homes. Pro-vaxxers think we are gullibly believing conspiracy theories. No, pro-vaxxers are the suckers trusting their health to Socialized medicine! Dr. Fauci is an admitted liar about masks! WAKE UP! The community needs to prepare legally to defend our rights to be free of coerced medical experimentation!

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