The Textbook Bill thwarts parental rights!

If passed, this bill will mandate that all the NJ public schools can ONLY purchase textbooks that celebrate DIVERSITY and Inclusion (ie. LGBT, BLM, CRT, ESL, etc.). The bill requires the NJ Department of Education create a list of TEXTBOOKS THAT OUR TAX DOLLARS WILL PAY FOR when replacing current textbooks, forcing our children to READ, view, and be tested on material that many parents do not want engrained into the hearts and minds of their children in their required reading, writing, and arithmetic school work!

The bill will require the Department of Education to maintain list of textbook vendors that use inclusive material and school districts to use textbooks from those vendors. If this passes, the districts will be required to select textbooks from a vendor that is included on list of approved books! Senator Singer’s office said he will vote against it.

To force the normalcy of the LGBT lifestyle on our children and into the schools every day lesson plans, is a stripping of our religious liberty and the parental rights of every parent who feels these subject matters are too inappropriate to be taught to any child. The children need to learn how to read, write, and do arithmetic. They are not being sent to school to learn about the orientations of others, but to be educated.

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5 thoughts on “Senator Bob Singer To Vote Against Textbook Bill”
  1. While not to absolve, most legislators in the middle don’t really care either way and go in the path of least resistance unless
    the constituents show They Do
    Did anyone contact him ? anyone on top of these things?
    Where are all the supposed askanim and their mentors
    this has direct relevance to our communities

  2. One Guy Is worth but little. Have him work within his caucus and with other allies against it together

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