Rabbi Kanarek is a mastermind when it comes to building huge Simcha (banquet) Halls without informing the neighbors beforehand. Now it has come to bite him as the Chief Justice of Ocean County Superior Court has ordered him to sit for a deposition this upcoming Tuesday.

It all started when Bais Rivka Rachel, owned and operated by Rabbi Kanarek, built the Lake Terrace Hall, notifying the Township that it will serve as an assembly hall for the students of Bais Rivka Rachel.  The day the construction was completed, Rabbi Kanarek utilized his connections to have the township provide a Certificate of Occupancy that same day. Lake Terrace has been hosting weddings for many years since.

Lake Terrace Hall

The hall’s manager Mordechai Sternstein, applies every year for a liquor license, which is absurdly approved by the township committee. It is obvious to all that this is a wedding hall, as you cannot serve liquor in an assembly hall for underage students. 

The neighbor, Clayton Associates repeatedly complained to the Township to no avail. Now the neighbor is suing Rabbi Kanarek for illegally operating a wedding hall, and suing the Township for looking the other way (the application for the liquor license clearly states the premises is not a school but a catering hall). 

A Lake Terrace Wedding

As per the orders of Chief Justice Marlene Lynch Ford,  Rabbi Kanarek will be  interrogated by the attorneys for Clayton Associates  this  Tuesday.

Chief Justice of Ocean County Superior Court, Marlene Lynch Ford
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