Thursday 11/18 Update: Moshe Zeines, was released without bail.

Wednesday 11/17– Moshe Zeines, a familiar news reporter and crossing guard  was arrested and incarcerated on Monday and is awaiting a bail hearing scheduled for today. Moshe, has been dogging the efforts of developers, including those of community activists Chaim Gross, Shmuel Werdiger, and Moshe Tress, to build a mega residential complex on Route 88.

Moshe Zeines

The neighbors of that development challenged the application at a hearing of the Planning Board because of the traffic it would cause in adding 99 more residences to an already dense area; then, the neighbors took it to court. Finally, the neighbors settled in court after the Developers signed off on significant changes to the plan- this would not have happened without Moshe’s efforts. This enraged the above mentioned community activists, Tress and Gross, and they are on a mission to destroy Moshe.

Two weeks ago  Mr. Chaim Gross and Mr. Moshe Tress paid and directed a  15-year-old boy to text Moshe with an illicit suggestion – endangering the welfare of the boy. The activists then cornered the defendant with threats of exposure unless he left Lakewood, signs that he would not report on Lakewood matters, demanded he divorce his wife immediately, took away his phone, and forced him to give them his passwords. Moshe, who was terrified, caved in.

Mr. Tress had his friends at the Beis Hava’ad Rabbinical court emergently facilitated a divorce, which was done within 48 hours. (Lately, the Beis Hava’ad embarked on a new initiative of expedited divorces for a ridiculous price, less than $800 per spouse. This price includes both the religious and civil parts. Couples are divorced within 24-48 hours). The Get is not kosher as it was obtained by force.

Claims by Defendant of Rumor Spreading

In the meantime, the defendant, Moshe Zeines, has initiated a claim in the Rabbinical Court of Rabbi Yisroel Knopfler of the Lakewood Badatz Court against Mr. Chaim Gross and against Rabbi Dov Kahan, Dean of Beis Din Meyshorim, for initiating and fueling a vicious campaign against the defendant that has reached such a fever pitch as to cause the defendant’s wife to file for a divorce which was facilitated emergently by Bais Hava’ad of Lakewood.

Rabbi Kahan, who was furious for being called to a din Torah, organized a group of minors to riot against Moshe and pelt him with eggs in an act of revenge. As the word spread amongst other youths in Lakewood, it elicited protests and shouts in front of Moshe’s residence.

When Moshe did not back out of the hazmanah l’din, Rabbi Kahan went to the Lakewood Police department with Moshe’s phone showing them an inappropriate picture that was texted to a minor. Together with Gross and Tress, they convinced the Police Department to sign a warrant for Moshe’s arrest. The defendant is currently incarcerated, awaiting a bail hearing scheduled for today at the Lakewood Municipal Court.

It is unclear how the prosecution can stand as the information was obtained illegally by utilizing force which also questions the chain of custody. (Also to be determined if the picture was sent by Moshe or was it planted on the phone by his adversaries who by now had his phone in their possession for days.)

Rabbi Kahan, who has embarked on a fiery campaign against the defendant, has yet to respond to the justification and evidence of wrongdoing by Mr. Zeines.

Beis Hava’ad has not responded to our questions as to the justification of destroying a family with little children within 48 hours.

Gross and Tress have not responded to our request for comment.

As of yet, some details are unknown and as we investigate we will update with more accurate information.

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85 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Lakewood Resident Arrested: Blackmailed by Chaim Gross & Moshe Tress”
      1. if we say anything our kids will be thrown out of school and we will be blackmailed to leave town sadly we won’t be able to do anything i wish tho

  1. These well-connected developers don’t like when news of their dealings get publicly reported on news websites and local blogs. They will stop at nothing to bury well-meaning reporters that can’t be convinced to bury certain stories. Just look at what the famous land-swapping swindler chatz schwab tried to do with his failed defamation lawsuit against those he perceived to be exposing his secret schemes, to cheat Lakewood taxpayers out of their publicly owned properties. These creeps are made of the same material and want to destroy anybody that gets in their way, no matter what the cost.

    1. These developers are murderous Thugs who won’t stop at even murder to get rid of any in their way
      praise the one who kills and smashes them

      הבא להרגך השכם להורגו

      1. Yes think you should be the one worried about your IP adress.. especially being that we know who you are. Watch your self

    2. i know them personally aswell they drove countless peaple out town blackmailing families this is just going to go under the table not just that they also drove a girl to suicide

      1. An entire folder is being compiled on chaim gross and another on mark tress. The amount of info coming in is more than was expected and the leads are pointing to several interesting “improprieties”… Their day in court may be closer than they think.

  2. The issue is that there is no B’D that can be trusted. A community funded B’D should be formed and opened.

  3. Why would MZ run to B’D if not to clear his name? I give him credit for not going directly to arkayos!

  4. this story makes no sense …. if you get an inappropriate text you don’t respond… so sorry you got entrapped you obviously need help quickly… don’t run away from your problems. Stop trying to put down upstanding Askonim that are trying to protect our teens and children from unfortunate individuals who very obviously need help.

    1. It’s pretty obvious that Moshe Zeines is autistic. Think about that for a second. These people took advantage of a special needs individual. There is a special place in hell for Moshe Tress. May he suffer מדה כנגד מדה.

  5. I know him personally I have received elicit messages from him directly! He is a danger to society and must be locked up! For all those reading this article and believing that it’s all because the of askanim of lakewood that charges were made against him are part of the problem!! THANK YOU MR. CHAIM GROSS AND TEAM FOR KEEPING THE STREETS OF LAKEWOOD AND OUR CHILDREN SAFE!

  6. Regarding the comment about the גט not being kosher
    Please go and learn some halacha regarding גיטן!
    There is a gemara in גיטן stating “one should NOT be מערער in a גט”

  7. Re: I know him personally I have received elicit messages from him directly!
    We don’t even claim that we get such messages, there must be something Major wrong with you.

    Must Get Chaim Shaul, Chaim Gross, Tress after you, get you to divorce your wife, etc.

    Let’s check your phone and your internet, you are very dangerous.

    Ass konim, go for him.

  8. These developers are murderous Thugs who won’t stop at even murder
    praise the one who kills and smashes them

  9. This is outrageous. Money isn’t the only important thing in the world. The greed of Chaim Gross, Moshe Tress, Shmuck Werdyger and Dovi Kahan is despicable. To do this to an autistic couple to make a few dollars by selling some ugly housing units. Hashem will take revenge on these animals.

    1. This is the same Chaim Gross who was arrested by the FBI for hoarding medical supplies that hospitals and ambulances needed. It’s Jews like this in the world that cause such Anti-semitism in the world.

      1. When more information comes out about chaim gross, moshe tress, shlomo chaim kanarek and a few other ass-kanim it will all make sense.

  10. This Moshe zions is a dangerous for the Lakewood community and the fire of hell should burn on him and the person that made this article you two are fat pigs you should be ashamed of yourself.

  11. This Moshe zions is a dangerous for the Lakewood community and the fire of hell should burn on him and the person that made this article you two are fat pigs you should be ashamed of yourself.

    1. AK (Moshe),
      You speak lies. It is YOU who is the danger to the community. It is YOU who is scared about your shady deals getting reported on to the wider community. It is YOU who will be consumed by the fire of hell. It is YOU who should be full of shame for attempting to paint in the most negative light an individual who your cronies “set up” in order to get rid of him. If you think for a second that you will succeed, know that you won’t. Everybody knows what this is really about.

  12. A yungerman went to Reb Shlomo Chaim Kanarek to stop stealing from the taxpayers and pay his fare share of property taxes. Shlomo Chaim sent his protege Ehrman to the OC prosecutor that a certain yungerman wanted to shake down Shlomo Chaim Kanarek, go after this individual. The Prosecutor said this fellow knows the laws, and we don’t beleive it, unless you have a video or witnesses.

    So SCK sent Ehrman to Lakewood’s Chief of police, Lawson that he should call the prosecutor, which he did. The OC Prosecutor said this is just a trumped up charge with no proof at all.
    Mesira is what they live by.

  13. כל המוסר ישראל ביד עובד כוכבים, בין בגופו בין ממונו, אין לו חלק לעולם הבא, ויורדים לגהינם ונידונין לדורי דורות וגופן כלה ונשמתן כלה, וגריעי מהמשומדים וכו’ כמבואר בשו”ע חו”מ סי’ שפ”ח ובש”ך שם, ובהרמ”א שם “וכן מחרימין המחזיק
    ביד ההולך לפני גוים”
    MZ should be applauded that after all this he went to Beis Din to litigate the issues and didn’t go to secular courts. Let’s see if Moshe Tress & Chaim Gross are willing to show their face in beis din and explain their actions.

  14. Thank the askanim instead of bashing. When no one takes care of these issues you’re bashing, and when they take care of it look what people make up and say. It a sad world we live in. Instead of bashing the askanim that help and take care of everyone try to do some good yourself. To believe this story you have to be crazy. This guy is known and the people who know him are very grateful for the askanim helping out. When exposed people try to make up stories to protect themselves.

  15. Shlomo Chaim stole the property where the Kikar-Hashabos shopping center is located. He used his buddy, Senator Singer to cancel out the successful bid of a Township tax sale, then Bob Singer got it to SCK.
    But we aren’t supposed talk about these things, he does have numerous schools, he only does chessed for all of us.

    1. That was only phase one of his grand theft. He recently completed phase two with his acquisition (through his business entity Bais Rivkah Rochel INCORPORATED) of a large township owned property for a measly one dollar and an unkept promise – even though the lots are valued at well over TWO MILLION DOLLARS. He then went to the planning board and told them lies in order to get their approval on his latest Kikar Shabbos application # SP 2413 to develop his newly swindled investment property on 4th and Princeton (and stretching all the way to 2nd street) for stores and a busy simcha hall and destroy traffic for the neighborhood. He also got his partner Auerbach to threaten the neighbors (a regular tactic for him) that they better not object at the public hearing or he’ll make things even worse for them. There is so much more to say about Regency development.

  16. The best part is that now when people Google Moshe Zeines, this gets the highest ranking. People will see the truth about what was done to Moshe Zeines, and hopefully soon everything will be back to as normal as can be. Thankfully he is not a kohen. Hashem yaazor!

  17. To everyone here who supports Moshe Zeines I would love to see you leave your kids for the day time to face reality big thanks to the askinim for cleaning are streets

    1. I fully support MZ. I am fully disgusted by the despicable methods the asskanim used to entrap and frame a good person. These beheimos are pure rotzchim.

      They’re trying their hardest to magnify whatever they caused to occur into the crime of the century, so they can finally run him out of town. Without him around to report, they think that they’ll be able to get away with more of their regular shtick.

      They even managed to fool a few people so far, but the full story shall emerge. Destroying good people and families is unforgivable. Persuading vigilante actions to retaliate against someone who did nothing to earn that sort of “justice” is a crime and should get prosecuted.

      Let’s see if these asskanim are really the big boys they claim to be, or they’re just a bunch of bored cowards who enjoy behaving like gangsters when they think they can get away with it by using minors to do their dirty work.

      Sick! We’ve all seen enough of these third world tactics. These gangsters and the ones that send them on these evil errands should themselves be removed from society.

  18. People who are bashing i am happy for you that your children weren’t the victims – but try to imagine the pain of the parents whose children were.
    The days are over where we look the other way or send them to a diff Jewish community to harm the Jews there. We are one nation and all responsible for each other. If you are doing these things to children be aware there are people who care enough to come after you and you will be held accountable. And you will NOT be free to keep hurting our precious children because you will be big time exposed. (And this is only after you don’t take help and follow plans that are offered.) So all the people posting here should get offline and go hug ur kids and thank Hashem that they weren’t the ones being hurt. Although I highly suspect that most of the negative comments are coming from one person who keeps changing his name. I don’t think there are that many fools out there. It’s a sad and very scary world. Talk to your kids be close to them and make them feel safe to tell you if things are going very wrong. The abusers are very very smart and get children and adults to believe anything.

    1. Did you tell that to Tress, Gross, Kahan, Kanarek, and the other shmendriks?? Or you only speak up now after they perpetrated their terrible avlah?

      These idiots should have thought about the larger consequences before they initiated their campaign to destroy a good individual.

      They quite obviously don’t possess any of the skills necessary for askanus. They’re just a bunch of bums!

  19. Pinny Lipschutz. When he earlier dared on his Matzav website to take on the handful of shyster developers that are intertwined in corruption with the Monsey chadorim, wow did they ever retaliate against him! And this was real mafia protocol, not some lame heimishe bluff. All Pinny did was post an ikkul beis din against them. Two days later a hitman appeared in his Olympia driveway who was seconds away from choking his wife to death when a shaliach from Shomayim stumbled across them & spooked the killer to run away.

  20. Look what these gangsters did to Shlomie Klein and herschel hershkowitz so they don’t expose the corruption of the developers.
    Remember-Developers your corruption is your private parts that is being exposed.

  21. There is no victim here aside from MZ and his family. There’s a good reason MZ was let go without bail or monitoring requirements. People realize that this was overkill on a set-up. I wouldn’t be surprised if MZ sues the police department for unlawful arrest as well.

  22. The 2020 story involving C.S.G. Imports, a company owned by Chaim Gross, one of the subjects of our upcoming story involving Zeines. C.S.G. was charged with violating the Defense Production Act by purchasing, hoarding and profiteering at the height of the pandemic. Gross and C.S.G would eventually agree to a deferred prosecution agreement, a voluntary alternative to adjudication in which a prosecutor agrees to grant amnesty in exchange for the defendant agreeing to fulfill certain requirements. As a testament to Gross’ influence and contacts, Gross and C.S.G. agreed to disgorge hundreds of thousands of dollars in profits relating to transactions with two customers who purchased PPE from CSG Imports at excessive prices and to compensate those customers for their losses. They further agreed that, to resolve violations of the Defense Production Act (DPA) of 1950 for price-gouging customers of personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic, to sell at cost approximately 11 million items of PPE seized from three warehouses by law enforcement in April 2020. In exchange there would be no prosecution, no prison time, nothing.

  23. Others have had to serve jail time for their heinous activities of profiteering illegally. MZ is not the first unfortunately, but with the light shining on them now, hopefully he’ll have been their last korbon.

  24. It was very wrong the way rabbi Kahn was spoken about here. He is such a selfless individual available at all hours and some blogers have to come and disgrace a talmid chochom

    1. Why is R’ Dovy Kahan ignoring a hazmanah from bais din about a very serious complaint? Is he so busy talking to people that he has no time to respect a summons from Bais Din? What kind of role model is he?? Maybe we should get Dovid Cohen to bully him?

    2. He doesn’t seem to be available to show up in beis din. He has a halacha of lo tsayis dino. Eventually he will either show up and explain himself to beis din or he will be put in cheirim.

  25. Google Dovi Kahan arlington and the siruv issued against him by R’ Gav Finkel before you try to whitewash this scum

  26. Not SIRUV only IKKUL
    As if he cared! Dovi went ahead and opened K’hal Arlington saying he doesn’t recognize Lo R’ Finkel v’lo B’Elokov, Afra l’pumei

  27. Efraim Birnbaum of the Formerly Defunct Bais Din Vaad Hadayonim was involved in this Forced Get Fiasco

    Enough Said!

  28. Efraim Birnbaum is not a Dayan R Finkels Hired Birnbaum to work as A secretary (Safra Didayuna) for his Bais Din Vaad Hadayonim
    As R Finkels Would tell people ‘I use him as a Thug when Necessary”
    (Due to his large size)

  29. Allegedly:
    Mrs zeines consulted with Ephraim Birenbaum re: Moshe zeines.
    Ephraim Birenbaum conned her into demanding a get, and coached her in what to say to the Beis Din, etc.
    Then Bais Havaad used Ephraim Birenbaum as one of the Dayonim for the Get.

    Bais Havaad deserves an extra turkey for that one.

    1. This 24 Hour Get Girl
      Was a Student at Efraim Birnbaums Oreos Chocolate Chip Factory School in Lakewood

      1. Chaim Gross is a very dangerous hyper person who can’t sit still. He didn’t make it in Yeshiva and then he made some money. He thrives on destroying other people’s lives. His gavah is all that counts and and then he is off like a wild animal making up rumors on others. It’s about time the lakewood community stands up and tells him to step aside!!

        1. Information has been circulating that this is not CG’s first involvement in helping to destroy the shalom bayis of other families. He’s gained a notorious reputation as an expert in such dirty deeds. He’d do better for himself to focus on his own issues. People are talking..

        2. can we please make a conference line so we can all come together against them please together we can crack this wide open messaging on here like this won’t do any food they are killers nothing can be done to stop them everyone is in there pocket but if you dumb boozes that are in there pocket get out don’t you want a better life for your kids and schools no one understands how deep the curruption is it’s like out of a mafia movie but this is real and needs to end let’s come together

        3. Every time I see CG’s face I get disgusted. This self-appointed ass-kan is another wannabe that’s always up to no good and is only out for his self-interest. How do we tolerate his kind?

    2. This should br referred to the FBI either way if he committed a crime against a minor then it should be taken seriously but if someone set him up and was a moser then there is no mesirah on them…

  30. shomliy —– you know what is so funny this article came from your ip address so stop fu—– up to moshe zeines and go fix your mistakes its never to late but if you keep acting like this the raging fires of hell should burn on you have a nice day shmuck

    1. little moser, It’s obvious that you’re trying to protect some thugs. The authorities will be sure to check your ip address in the event you and your gangster friends commit further criminal acts. If you can’t tolerate living in a country which protects innocents until proven guilty, then you better move yourself and your dirty toilet mouth to a different country. Foul-mouthed jerks like you are not welcome here. At this point people across town have had enough and are sick of bums like tress and gross and their low-intelligence minions. Your threats will backfire on all of you pieces of trash.

    2. The RJJ school in Edison can always send its juvenile delinquents to bring along some other troubled boys to smash windows, hurl vulgarities, and perpetrate other criminal mischief.

  31. Only means of dealing with physicality is taking them on with stronger more physicality . Figured that one out

  32. Anyone with 5 brain cells can tell 80 percent of the negative comments on this page is all coming from the same person. You’re a bully and a liar. You’re defending a child abuser who will prob get convicted if the justice system prevails. Someone should check you out defending a child abuser with such passion. What’s goes on in your life. I’m sure you would be terrified if we found out.
    Anyway on the topic of the above mentioned askanim and tzadikim, there is a special place in hell for someone like the writer of this article on this crappy website which you built in your moms basement on your neighbors wifi. How dare you publicly attack 2 people who have literally saved many lives and helped countless organizations benefiting the community and all of klal yisroel. Don’t post documents from a non existing walmart looking excuse of a beis din. That paper won’t hold up in Amish court.
    I can’t wait for your comment under some name like Bilam Harasha.
    Take this article down!

    1. Y. M., You’re a sick excuse for a human being. There is zero evidence of the fabricated abuse in your warped imagination. You seem to delight in bringing down a good individual who has respectfully spoken out about the many issues plaguing our town, and to his inarguable credit many fixes have taken place. Unfortunately for some local developers, Tress and Kanarek included, those fixes made their selfish projects less lucrative. Gross is long known for his reputation as a wanabee and a creep that takes joy in destroying marriages. In fact, it’s pashut that he will have a big din v’cheshbon in shamayim for exploiting a troubled minor as part of his scheme in “setting up” what amounted to absolutely nothing. He should be convicted of killing that person’s neshama. The trail of taint incriminates some of these so-called asskanim. (There’s quite a bit to elaborate on the behavior of these asskanim’s children too, which includes documentary evidence showing the sort of education their parents give them at home, but we don’t plan to stoop as low as these beheimos.)

      It wouldn’t surprise me if you yourself are in fact involved in the very same activities that you’re being moitzi shem rah on someone else. . That’s often how it goes. This person has suffered enough abuse for no justified reason at the hands of busy bodies looking to protect their own assets and sources of income. We all know that it takes very little to accuse someone and get him arrested these days..

      1. It takes really inappropriate pictures to get some one to speak up about you! If Chaim infact actually had that kind of a reputation he would be taken down by now. We all know your the same old fart who keeps writing all these disturbing things. Get help it’s never too late you happen to Seem the most disturbed out of all the accused here. Please take a minute to think about what you write online because at the end of the day you know the truth that you are infact spreading news that is faker than your intentions… this type of thing is something that prevents certain rishaim to come to moshaich. Lakewood honestly had enough of you this is your sign to get out before the one abouve takes it out on you…Bilam I hope you meet your destiny and hay could be this is a fake name but every lie has some truth.

  33. Your a syco, any psychiatrist would make a lot of money off you, as you’ll be a forever patient with no chance of ever getting of the meds.

  34. I agree with you this guy commenting all this chara is has clearly lost his mind. If you look at what he’s writing you can see he has a noodle for a brain. Not a whole box of your shop right or gormet glat pasta.. JUST ONE stinking noodle left. Sad to see really must be from all his lies eating him and his pasta brain alive .

  35. I don’t know what the current situation is with Penina Zeines (Papelow) is something to note. Please note that the maiden name is “Papelow”, and please pray that she understands that this is a Get Meusah.

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