By Bonchie | May 07, 2021

Democratic National Convention via AP

No, this article is not satire. Our political environment is really just this ridiculous. Read on to discover just dumb things can get.

Mayor Muriel Bowser of Washington D.C. has banned dancing. Again, no this is not satire. Specifically, she’s now “allowing” limited attendance at weddings in the nation’s capital while prohibiting people from doing things that happen at every wedding. I’m surprised she didn’t place a moratorium on the bride and groom kissing as well, though, she may have and I’m just not aware.

Not only is this little tyrant banning dancing at weddings (and in other settings as well), but she won’t even commit to allowing dancing once everyone is vaccinated. I’m not sure what science she’s basing that on, but we know it’s not actual science.