Y. Benari, Oct 20, 2021

Since the day Biden was inaugurated as President, with the stroke of a pen, he tore down all of the border protection laboriously implemented by former President Donald J Trump.

Over 2,500,000 ‘illegals’ have already made their way mostly through the Texas and Arizona Borders. The current administration has consistently lied to the public, claiming that most of these migrants were ‘unaccompanied’ children’ and that the US is morally bound to assist in this ‘Humanitarian Crisis.’

Things got seriously out of hand last month when a Haitian encampment of over 15 thousand potential ‘migrants’ set up ‘temporary’ encampments in the border town of Del-Rio Texas.

The squalor in which they lived and conducted themselves raised even the eyes of the radical left wing media at NBC, whom sent a team of investigative reporters to analyze and report on the sudden surge of Haitians.

There feed back literally blew up the heads heads of both the Media and the Administration when discovering the impending arrival of and expected 400,000 more Haitian migrants in the month of October.

It appeared as though the Administration was reacting to the outrage by Americans of all stripes when they subsequently announced that they would be deporting these Haitians back to Haiti.


There was minuscule—if any at all—deportations back to Haiti.

In fact the opposite is now revealed as being the fact.

The New York Post, in an exclusive investigation reports that ever since Biden began his initiative, they have been using charter flights to fly loads of illegals to cities all around the country; especially to NY and NJ et al.

The Post reported on a series of recent charter flights originating in Texas that since Aug. 8 have carried thousands of migrants to a small airport outside White Plains. Many of these flights arrived in the dead of night and were met by buses and police escorts at the suburban airport before carrying migrants to locations across New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, including group homes for migrants run by nonprofits that contract with the federal government.

New York Post Oct 19, 2021

Furthermore, as reported by Miranda Divine, Investigative Journalist and contributing editor for the NY Post, “these migrants are not Children at all.” Eye witness testimony reprts that the bulk of them appear to be in their mid-20’s at the very least although some appearing to be in their upper teens have been seen as well.


These flights have been taking place in the darkness of night arriving mostly between the hours of 1:00 and 4:00 AM. In white plains, being that it is a smaller airport with shorter runways, a 737 plain will not land there. Secret deals have been made with state Governors and local officials (DemocRATS) to waive these rules.

The big question is why? And why are they being flown and bussed to these states?

JNews will continue to follow this latest story as we think particularly the more ‘dense’ Jewish Communities on the East Coast MUST BE WATCHFUL OF THIS.

Needless to remind you, The Governors of both NY and NJ are openly welcoming of the increased illegals entering their states. Especially Murphy, who has recently welcomed and pleged massive financial assistance to ‘unvetted’ Afghan illegals, letting them roam free all over NJ. ‘THANK YOU SHCNALL AND AGUDAS ISREAL FOR YOUR WONDERFULL HEARTWARMING SUPPORT OF ILLEGAL MIGRATION TO OUR HOME STATE.”

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  1. Agudahs offices can house a couple of hundred of these immigrants.
    BMG’s building have room for some 1500 immigrants.

    Send them over, they’ll vote for the democrat, liberal leftists.

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