Yosef Benari, Oct. 24, 2021

In a shocking revelation to JNews by some parents of Children in in the B’nos Melech girls school, it was disclosed to that B’nos Melech sent a letter to parents requesting permission to administer COVID tests to the children.

The letter stated that it would be ‘beneficial to the school for parents to allow this.’

Beneficial here of course being a reference to assistance that would be provided by the state.

“This is a most shameful act,” commented a group of parents who insisted on remaining anonymous for fear of reprisals. To hand over responsibility to the school of participating in the Government’s agenda to eventually vaccinate children is a selfish and evil act. How do administration members of a school to which we hand over children to be responsible for their health and safety, sleep at night?

Thankfully the instincts of parents (and most importantly, Hashgachas Hashem) that only about 6 parents responded in the affirmative forcing B’nos Melech to recind.

The Lakewood Jewish community must stand fast against Murphy’s re-election to prevent what will eventually be the most authoritarian laws that will be put in place.

This weekend Obama arrived in NJ and went on the campaign trail on Saturday on behalf of Murphy, spoke to the crowds saying,

“We’ve come so far but work is not done,” Murphy said. “We have to get folks to turn out.” He noted that the “math is simple” and that “our team is bigger than their team”.

The Agenda of Murphy and the Democrats is evil. We must fight it.

JNews has reached out to B’nos Melech but as of yet has not received a reply.

3 thoughts on “Bnos Melech Sent Letters to its Parent Body Asking to Allow Them to Administer Covid19 Tests to Children”
  1. אבי געלט
    הכסף יענה את הכל
    I do not need my daughter to have things sticked up her nose, hence not voting Murphy

  2. People here are ridiculous out of whack Whack
    This calls into question your Jewish values in their entirety.
    And that is even though most things we do agree on

    We’re not discussing vaccinations or anything big
    a simple covid-19 test For Heaven’s Sake.
    Perhaps maybe go out of your comfort zone even a bit tiny bit to protect the safety somebody else

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