Y. Benari Nov 13, 2021 8:00 PM

RARITAN, NJ – New Jersey GOP candidate Jack Ciattarelli returned to where it all began, a podium in his hometown of Raritan to concede his election defeat to incumbent Democrat Governor Phil Murphy.

Ciattarelli said he consulted with his chief legal counsel Mark Sheridan before making the decision after Sheridan advised Ciattarelli that he has been mathematically eliminated from the election. When asked if she should initiate a recount, Sheridan advised the candidate the margin of defeat was too large.

“I called Governor Murphy today and congratulated him on his re-election and wished him well in serving the people of New Jersey,” Ciattarelli said.

“I do not see this campaign as a failure,” he said. “I am proud of what we accomplished. I’m proud of how we helped invigorate the Republican Party.”

Really Jack? You Never Dreamed of coming so close. People really came out to support you in droves. But you let it all go because Mark told you the math isn’t on your side? Perhaps the math was on the side of the Post Office after the 2:38 AM Ballot Dump?

Ciattarelli said his “support of down-ballot candidates helped the Republican party take seats in the state senate and assembly.” So you were good enough for coat-tail victories but the math decided YOU weren’t good enough? C’mon Jack!

“To those who are disappointed that I am conceding…to those whose faith in our election system is shaken, to those who are angry that I’m not asking for a recount today, let me say this,” Ciattarelli said. “I’ve worked every day and night for 22 months. If you think I’d be standing here conceding if I thought I won this election, you couldn’t be more wrong. I hate to lose.”

Not good enough Jack. NJ Needed a fighter

3 thoughts on “Perhaps We Were Fools to Invest in Trying to get Jack Ciattarelli Elected: He Conceded to Murphy, Never Questioned that he Lost only to Mail-in Ballots, and Wants Us to Be Happy that He Will Run in 2025? Will There Be A State of NJ by 2025?”
  1. I’m sorry you guys are blowing it with Attitudes like these.
    This is being ridiculous . Being childish is more fun but you’ll lose the adults in the room from supporting you .. Fraud claims
    allegations of voter fraud in the presidential election last year backfired wake up and grow up
    it was a good campaign. Let’s build on it for the future
    instead of making endless allegations which will undermine the whole system and will turn off the professional Suburban class going to next round

    Is All or Nothing. feast or famine?

  2. Totally ridiculous
    how you being fools? With Attitudes like these. Being childish is more fun but you’ll lose the adults in the room from ever supporting you . you going to lose the professional Suburban class from supporting you again.. It was a good campaign. Let’s build on it into the future. Does everything have to be All or Nothing? Feast or famine?

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