By Bonchie | Apr 19, 2021

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Joe Biden has been vaccinated since last year. Despite that, he’s continued to push a message on wearing masks that spits in the face of science and risk probabilities. Just the other day, Biden walked through Arlington cemetery wearing a double mask, while having no one within 50 feet of him. What science prompts someone to be so performative? The answer is none.

He wasn’t done, though. Biden has now decided to take his inane mask hysteria to another level. While eating with Japanese PM Yoshihide Suga, the president sat socially distanced and double-masked for some reason.

This kind of thing just makes us look stupid on the international stage. It’s also anti-vaccine in nature. The efficacy of the vaccines is not scientifically in doubt. That doesn’t mean they are perfect, but it does mean that there’s only a 0.0075% chance of re-infection. Past that, if you manage to be one of the vanishing few who does get re-infected, your chances of death are less than getting struck by lightning. In other words, if you aren’t promoting for vaccinated people to go back to their normal lives, you are downplaying the vaccine while sending the message that it’s not worth waiting in line for.

You wouldn’t know the actual facts surrounding any of this by watching Biden, though, nor by listening to the mouthpieces in his administration like Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Curtis Houck over at Newsbusters gets it right. This is about making masks a permanent fixture. There’s no other logical explanation for what they are doing otherwise. Science tells us there will never be a 0% risk of contracting the coronavirus, even after vaccinations reach a majority of the population. If the standard is “well, you could still get it after being vaccinated,” then you are encouraging people to 1) not bother getting vaccinated and 2) never take their masks off.

Meanwhile, Michigan and New York are swamped with a COVID surge, despite their heavily enforced mask mandates. No one in the current administration is paying attention to any objective data. It’s just pure politics. Masks give them something to blame the surges on in these blue states. They also serve as a way to virtue signal that they truly care. Among Democrats, mask-wearing has become a religious rite, and if you don’t observe it, you will be accused of killing people despite there being no evidence of that whatsoever.

Biden is a shell of his former self, and the more he looks so weak and feeble, the more bad actors are going to take advantage. Does anyone think North Korea or China are scared watching Biden try to eat a hamburger with a double mask on after being vaccinated?

This country needs better leadership.