Let’s have a look at what happened in America last week.

First, three utterly disastrous bills, one of which just passed through the senate (although it was messy). The bill that passed, the COVID-19 relief package is a bill that will have a crippling effect on the US economy and it’s monetary system. (More on that soon on a detailed explanation of the bill)

This is a monstrous 1.9 trillion dollar deal that of which less than 9% of it goes to actually help Americans who are in dire need of financial assistance because of jobs lost and businesses shut down.

The rest of that money goes to bail out States poorly managed by Democrat Governors, and “pork” to things that will actually disgust you when you find out. And guess who’s footing that bill; thats right! YOU!!!! You are all going to get a $1,400 check and the door will be shut and locked right behind you.

then we have HR-1. This is a bill which passed in the House. It is now awaiting a vote in the Senate. Unless we could somehow muster up at least two senators on the Democrat side who will oppose it, there will never be a fair and hones election in America again. Additionally, presents a pathway to the abolishment of the electoral college. That means that the country will never be able to stand up to the numbers voted in by California, New Jersey, NY, MA, etc. Basically all the large Blue states. Thats the reason the Electoral college was put there to begin with. Add to that potential fraud…..you get the picture.

Granted there are issues in this bill which are unconstitutional, and could be challenged and won in the Supreme court, but who wants to wait for and go through that rabbit hole.

Related to this issue is an announcement by the White House this weekend, that President Biden, (or whoever is running the country) will issue an executive order mandating procedures in the election procedures which are in themselves unconstitutional and must be challenged. But who will do that? The feckless republicans in Congress?

Alas we leave the “worst” for last. The infamous “EQUALITY” bill which will have the effect only of making all of us “EQUALLY” miserable having to deal with civil rights of individuals who on a daily basis can change their gender, and invade your institutions claiming to be girls or boys, and you cannot resist as you would be violating their civil rights.

Readers!!! Don’t sleep on this stuff. While you still have somewhat of a voice, let your representatives know that it is their jobs to turn the tide. And that failure to do that is NOT and option. and if they do fail, you will all remember that come ELECTION DAY.