There are two very important lessons people need to learn about CUBA: 1. CUBA is one of the most brutally repressive regimes in the world, possibly only second to North Korea

2. Listen to CASTROS words: He sounds like Obama, Biden, and the Democrat party. People must be aware of what is going on in America now: YOU CANNOT VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS NO MATTER WHAT! EVEN IF JEWISH COMMUNAL LEADERS TELL YOU TO!!!

By Nick Arama | Jul 17, 2021 1:15 PM ET Share Tweet

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Why is it important to look at what’s happening in Cuba?

Not just because it’s 90 miles off our shore. Not just because their fight for freedom from Communist oppression is riveting, and we should support it all we can.

But because those who “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it,” as George Santayana said. It’s in our own self interest to know and to understand.

We’ve seen Joe Biden pushed as a moderate and now that he’s in, he’s been governing like a far leftist. We see the left pushing socialism or putting a nice gloss on it by calling it “democratic socialism.” Far too many are being influenced by this in college, and now even in high schools as well. We see the country being pushed further and further to the left, until today we get the government suggesting that it’s normal to pressure social media to shut people/accounts down for “misinformation,” or to have government talking about looking at our text messages.

Many people don’t know the history of Cuba. The people were upset with the corrupt Fulgencio Batista and looking for alternatives. Fidel Castro pitched what people wanted to hear.

From USA Today:

He pledged to end corruption. He promised to improve living conditions. He had widespread support on and off the island, even as his true vision for Cuba remained a mystery.

So unclear was Castro’s plan that he was treated to a hero’s welcome during a much-publicized tour of the U.S., where he rounded up support from liberals and curious fascination from many others.

Some in the United States fell for Fidel Castro’s line that he wasn’t a Communist which he said before he gai,ned power because he wanted to lull the United States, and he knew at that point we were very anti-Communist. He knew that we would have a great concern about a Communist-controlled country just off our shores. So it was basically a bait and switch.

This video is actually a good flashback of what Castro was pushing at the time. Does it sound familiar?

How’d that work out? Of course, he was a Communist, and he declared himself a Marxist-Leninist openly in 1961.

But, he didn’t say that to start with, because he knew that would have inhibited his ability to grab power.

Can we learn a lesson from that? As Candace Owens and Robby Starbuck note on the video, he sounds a lot like some of prominent, far-left Democrats and socialists today.

It’s about moving the country along the path, pushing whatever divisive issue — be it race or social justice — in order to get the country further left. Until it’s so far along, you can’t do anything to bring it back and it’s too late.

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