We reported on this story two days ago and will stay on top of it.

This is because if it is being done in Wyoming, you can be sure it will be done in the ‘Democratic Republic of NJ’ by Dictator Phil Murphy. YES!!!! The very same evil Phil Murphy that Agudas Yisroel is pushing for only three resons; MONEY, MONEY, MONEY.

The Corrupt person pushing for Agudah, is AVI SCHNALL. Who, (Surprise Surprise) Works for Phil Murphy.

Parents of New Jersey, Young Mothers and Fathers struggling to raise your ‘Heilige Kinderlach’ in this corrupt environment we are living in so as to prepare them for ביאת המשיח בב״א, we beg of you!!! DO NOT LET YOURSELVES BE FOOLED BY THESE FAKE ‘YIDDESHE’ MANHIGIM!!!

We know this is a hard thing to digest: A supposedly activist organization who has been fighting for us for so many years and supported by great Gedolim. How can this be? The people at JNews must be nuts. Surely it is us that have a corrupt agenda.

Not so!!! We know we are with our heads inside the mouth of a fierce animal.

We welcome their response if they can give us one good reason to vote for Phil Murphy, a dedicated hard core marxist member of the Democrat party. And they try to make us feel guilty by telling us that we must do this for הכרת הטוב?

Please!! Thats total boloney. We will not stop every effort to report about this. We will inject it in every possible place we can. By the way, WE ARE NOT CAMPAIGNING for Jack Ciattarelli. But we do believe he is very distant from the evil of a second Murphy term. He is most certainly the lesser of two evils and the only choice we have to get the Marxist Democrats out of the NJ State Government.

But as the title of this article suggests, watch the story of the 16 yr old ‘Criminal’ arrested for NOT WEARING A MASK

4 thoughts on “UPDATE: The 16 Yr Old High School Student Arrested by Police in Wyoming, (A Red State) for NOT Wearing a Mask”
  1. UPDATE: The 16 Yr Old High School Student Arrested by Police in Wyoming, (A Red State) for NOT Wearing a Mask:

    This is coming to NJ right after Murphy wins his election – only hope for NJ is if LKWD stands up to Murphy – we tell him to jump in the lake with all his rules and mandates. Shuls stay open. No mask. No vaccine cards

  2. Even tough many news outlets are headlining the arrest that way, it’s politics and not accurate. She was arrested for trespassing, not failure to wear a mask. She was suspended multiple times and fined for trespassing. She was finally arrested for trespassing. True, she was barred from school because of her refusal to wear a mask but she WAS NOT arrested for that reason. A school can make rules and students have the choice to find another school but if you’re kicked out and you came back, your trespassing.

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