By M. Dowling -October 10, 20214


American Airlines sent out a defiant email to all of its U.S. employees, putting them on notice that if they do not get fully vaccinated against COVID by November 24, they will be FIRED on the spot.

The Allied Pilots Association requested that American Airlines find “alternate means of compliance with the Executive Order be made available for professional pilots” so as not to prompt mass firings and unpaid leave following President Joe Biden’s September announcement mandating large employers to require vaccinations or weekly testing.

“Some of APA’s members are unable to undergo vaccination for documented medical reasons, while others are reluctant to get vaccinated based upon concerns about the potential for career-ending side effects,” read the Sept. 24 letter.

“All of those members are still able to perform their duties as professional pilots,” the letter continued. “To force those pilots out of their positions, rather than offering viable alternatives will have adverse consequences upon their families and the airline industry as a whole.”

As of Wednesday, the APA was hopeful that it could negotiate exemptions despite the company’s looming deadline, saying it “fully expects American Airlines management to continue its historical practice of bargaining with APA over issues related to the implementation and impact of the announced COVID-19 vaccine mandate.”

There is going to be a problem going into the holidays.

Thank Joe Biden and his comrades.


Alex Berenson received a message from an American Airlines employee who said they are planning to do exactly what Southwest Air employees are doing.

He sent his badge to show he was legit.

Southwest has canceled 1800 flights nationwide. That is a lot of employees. Think about how many employees that would take to cancel 1800 flights. It’s a massive sickout.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are stranded as the airlines and most media lie as to the reason.

Other airlines are planning the same type of walkouts.

Hospitals are also at their breaking points. In one hospital, they’re putting in nurses aides in place of nurses. They are staff people with no background whatsoever. They get five months training.

Hospitals are even trying to force patients to get vaccinated.


As several U.S. airlines announce requirements for all employees to be vaccinated, Amtrak has announced a similar policy.

Amtrak on Aug. 11 announced that all new hires must be vaccinated against the coronavirus as of Oct. 1, according to an internal memo seen by TPG. Additionally, Amtrak is mandating all employees to be fully vaccinated by Nov. 1. Employees not fully vaccinated will be required to submit a negative COVID-19 test result weekly, according to the memo. Employees will be required to submit proof of vaccination to Amtrak’s self-service portal.

The U.S. rail company in the memo noted that “many employees” have expressed apprehension about getting a COVID-19 vaccine.

“We understand these concerns and encourage everyone to consult with a medical professional and seek out facts from reputable sources,” William Flynn, Amtrak’s chief executive officer, wrote in the memo.

Amtrak will pay workers to get vaccinated. They get a couple of hours of pay.

Amtrak is wholly reliant on the government to survive. The company is in the red every year. We’ll see how the employees take to it. It could get interesting.

Maybe one shouldn’t count on it for the holidays.

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  1. This is why unions are necessary, if you’re an employee. If you’re an employee, you’re probably better off going nonunion, depending on which industry you are in. There can be advantages to going union as a business owner. Unions exist to protect members from exactly this sort of thing and it is what they pay dues for. I’m not sure how they can run an airline down so many pilots. That said, the heads of the teachers’ unions need to be taken to task over the poisoning of young minds. They are putting out left wing anti-Semitism and the head of the AFT Randi Weingarten is Jewish. Jnews reported on it. She is a Jew-hater herself and thinks it’s funny. We’ll see how funny she thinks it is when I cast an Eye on her.

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