This administration is endangering the safety and security of the entire nation. Could this be anything but deliberate?

JNews Staff: August 31, 2021 52,821

After the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan by the Joe Biden administration Afghans are now arriving in the United States with “no documents whatsoever.”

Sources with knowledge of the resettlement program being done by Biden’s administration said that refugees are arriving at Dulles International Airport in Virginia having no paperwork, CNN reported.

Some Afghans fleeing their home country have arrived in the United States without paperwork amid the rapid pace of evacuations, according to two sources familiar with the situation, prompting additional screening and causing long delays.

There were Afghan nationals stuck at Washington Dulles International Airport — where evacuation flights have landed — over the weekend between eight and 12 hours, because of vetting challenges and lack of paperwork, while Customs and Border Protection officers sorted through how to handle the arrivals, one source said.

The approach from the administration has been “get as many people on the plane as you can, and we’ll sort out the (immigration visa) stuff later,” the source added, pointing to the rush to get people out of Afghanistan after the US-backed government there collapsed.

“Some people have landed with no documents whatsoever, creating a very challenging work environment for the officers,” the source said to CNN.

The Pentagon said that 52 of the around 7,000 Afghan refugees have been flagged for further security screening.

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