Feds Just Launched An Official “Test Run” — Conservative Activist Placed On “No Fly List”… Could You Be Next?May 1, 2021 (21h ago)


Every day, the Globalist American Empire becomes more thuggish and blatant in using its power to punish dissenters. Every day, it sees what new outrage it can get away with. This week may have brought a new high tide of oppressive behavior by our ruling regime, as the federal government apparently stripped an American citizen, charged with no crime, of his basic right to travel the country.

For those unfamiliar, conservative activist Nick Fuentes is host of the podcast “America First.” Fuentes was among the front lines of patriots peacefully protesting around the country to “Stop the Steal.” Many regard Fuentes as a controversial figure. But so what? This is America. We welcome controversy and freedom of expression in this country.

Fuentes was scheduled to travel to southern Florida on Tuesday to speak at a press conference supporting a proposed state law to fight online censorship. But Fuentes never made it to the press conference. According to Fuentes, he successively tried to board flights with American, United, and Southwest Airlines, only to be told he was barred from flying all three times. He posted video of him being denied access to the Southwest flight:

Nick Fuentes, Conservative Commentator at Southwest Airlines Ticket Counter Attempting to Go to A Florida Press Conference

Fuentes has not been arrested, and he has been charged with no crime. He was ejected from a flight in December in a dispute over a facemask, but while that might explain being barred from one airline it would not explain being barred from all of them

The only “offense” Fuentes is plausibly guilty of is being a prominent attendee at the January 6 “Stop the Steal” rally in Washington. There is no evidence Fuentes sought to enter the Capitol or commit any violent acts against police. In fact, he didn’t enter the Capitol at all; he merely stood on the steps outside the building. He was simply an attendee at a march that grew out of control thanks to poor police crowd management.

Even if that constituted a criminal offense (and it doesn’t), that still wouldn’t justify stripping Fuentes indefinitely of the basic freedom to travel.

Bafflingly, even Fuentes doesn’t seem entirely sure what is happening to him. He says he had no idea he was blocked from travel until Tuesday, and had only received a TSA letter notifying him of his removal from the Pre-Check program. When a producer for The Blaze tried to get more information from the TSA, she was stonewalled:

The obvious truth, of course, is that Fuentes isn’t any kind of “security threat.” He is simply a podcast host, firebrand, and political dissident. And if his account is accurate, he has been denied the right to travel within his own country, purely for political reasons, through an opaque, Kafkaesque process that he is neither allowed to understand nor contest.

What is happening to Fuentes is only a test run for what will be visited on conservatives, patriots, and nationalists of all stripes in the years to come. In January, the TSA openly bragged that it was considering banning hundreds of people from air travel for participating in the U.S. Capitol incident.

TSA Administrator David Pekoske said his agency is “processing hundreds of names with law enforcement agencies for a thorough risk assessment.” He said TSA was working “to ensure those who may pose a threat to our aviation sector undergo enhanced screening or are prevented from boarding an aircraft.”

Another federal official said the assessments involve people who took part in the Jan. 6 siege at the Capitol, which left five people dead and forced Vice President Mike Pence and members of Congress to leave the Senate and House chambers and seek shelter for several hours.

The assessments could result in rioters being added to the federal no-fly list, the person said. [USA Today]

This does nothing to protect a single American, of course. It’s purely an act of extrajudicial punishment, aimed at class enemies to make their lives more difficult.

Earlier this month, Revolver highlighted an open letter concerning the January 6 incident, signed by dozens of former government officials. The letter relied on an affected, hysterical interpretation of the Capitol tumult to justify a radical attack on the Washington establishment’s political enemies. In effect, the letter was a declaration of war on the MAGA movement, using 1/6 as a casus belli. 

The events of January 6th exposed severe vulnerabilities in the nation’s preparedness for preventing and responding to domestic terrorist attacks. The immediate security failings that permitted a lethal breach of the Capitol Complex by armed extremists raise serious questions and demand immediate solutions. …

A failure to deploy the full suite of tools available to fully understand January 6th and address its causes will leave the Capitol, and the nation, vulnerable to future attacks. In bipartisan fashion, we have successfully marshaled these tools before, and we implore you to do so once again. [Former Nat. Sec., Military, & Elected Officials]

As we said at the time, the piece was “an absolute masterpiece of cynical mendacity.”

This dishonest and error-ridden letter isn’t a call for an “investigation.” It is a call for an anti-MAGA Patriot Act. It’s a demand for a new War on Terror, this time aimed at the American people. … [T]hese federal goons believe that the only way to fight a so-called “coordinated disinformation campaign” is with restrictions on free speech, social media bans and criminal prosecutions for “disinformation.”

The Deep State will want to fight the so-called “nontransparent funding of extremist networks” with new financial laws to end anonymous political donations and dox those providing support to causes unpopular inside the Beltway.

They will use the phantom threat of “white supremacists” to transform patriots of all backgrounds into nascent terrorists who must be purged from America’s institutions as an internal ideological threat. [Revolver]

Now, Revolver has been proven entirely correct. The notion that Nick Fuentes is some kind of risk to hijack an airplane or commit some other kind of terrorist attack is absurd. If Fuentes really is on the no-fly list, then this is political retaliation, plain and simple. Fuentes is being targeted and stripped of rights because the ruling elite hates him, wants him to suffer, and wants to intimidate those who support and agree with him.

The creation of a chilling effect on conservative speech is not a side effect of the government’s overreach — it is the entire point.

What is being done to Fuentes will eventually be done to all American patriots. There is no limit to how far the Globalist American Empire will go to maintain its control. In fact, the attack on Fuentes may very deliberately serve as a test case for how much the regime can get away with. Can they deny Fuentes access to a bank account? Revoke his driver’s license? Launch a permanent FBI fishing expedition against his life to make sure even the pettiest offense brings a federal prosecution? What rights does Fuentes actually still have? The answer might very well be “none.”

It doesn’t matter how “controversial” Fuentes is. An attack on his rights is an attack on everyone’s rights. Conservatives and nationalists must react to this with as much energy as a possible.

To his credit, author and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza spoke up on TwitterSo did Michelle Malkin and OANN’s Jack Posobiec. But considering that a no-fly list for nationalists ought to be a terrifying canary in the coal mine of conservatism, most of the movement was silent. On Fox, Tucker Carlson alone lent his much needed voice to the problem.


Meanwhile, Congressman Matt Gaetz showed why he remains a critical figure in the emerging new right. Gaetz is fighting for his political life right now, so it would be entirely understandable if he chose to lay low for the moment. But he did not. While hundreds of other elected Republicans stayed silent, Gaetz publicly weighed in to support Fuentes.

Gaetz’s bravery exposes how worthless the median “conservative” lawmaker is at protecting his own base. Given the stakes involved, everyone should be raising an alarm over this troubling escalation in the Globalist American Empire’s war against populists and conservatives.

If a young American who committed no crime is barred from domestic travel as a potential terrorist merely for his political beliefs, it is everyone’s problem, no matter how “controversial” the individual in question might be.

For months, conservatives have postured about fighting “cancel culture” by snubbing Diet Coke and buying Dr. Seuss books off eBay. For years, they have stoked tensions with China by attacking the country’s social credit system and warning that it might come to America. For the past two years, Republicans have babbled constantly about protecting the rights of Hong Kong demonstrators.

When the rights of Hong Kongers on the other side of the planet are in danger, elected Republicans demand maximum action. But when social credit comes to America, and their own voters are the target, most Republican lawmakers say nothing and do nothing. This is pure cowardice and stupidity.

Fortunately, cowardice and stupidity are fixable. When President Trump showed it was possible for Republicans to genuinely oppose forever wars, attack big tech, and put America first on trade and immigration, many Republicans learned and took up the same fight. This must happen here as well. Patriots must rally behind leaders like Rep. Gaetz, who stand up for core rights even when it is “controversial” to do so.

Holding the line now is the only way to make sure those core rights exist at all in the future. The Globalist American Empire came for Nick Fuentes, and they’re coming for you next. The stakes could not be higher and there is no place for cowardice. Patriots must put aside our differences, band together, and agree that when it comes to the Globalist American Empires escalating terror and tyranny against its own citizens, we must take a stand no matter the cost.

It’s time to get tough, get smart, get organized, and get ready to for an assault on basic liberties the likes of which our country has never seen.

After all, the first step to winning our freedoms back is to become worthy of them.

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