But whats even worse than the loss, is the fact that the ‘elite’ political class of this country deliberately intended and continues to shame and dishonor America.

By Y. Benari, Aug 30the 2021, 6:00 PM

The prestige and the might of the American military is no more. Tonight, America has removed its forces form Afghanistan, in shameful and cowardly retreat. In doing so, they have dishonored and demoralized millions of brave and dedicated American soldiers who both dedicated and risked their lives to defend America in this 20 year war on terror.

To be sure, it was always planned to leave Afghanistan. America never intended to stay there. Former President Donald J. Trump negotiated an exit with the accursed Taliban during the last yer of his administration. He was going to leave behind a small rotating force of military consultants that would maintain a presence there and hold onto Bagram Air Base until such time that the Afghan army would be able to manage the situation on its own.

Instead, Joe Biden just lifted all troops out of Afghanistan, abandoned Bagram Air Base, an extremely strategic base—a base that served as a potential launch point to other strategic locations—left behind over 85 billion dollars worth of highly sophisticated military equipment, and became the laughing stock of the entire civilized world.

as an example, Biden left behind 33 Blackhawk helicopters. Australia, a sovereign state, possesses 39 Blackhawk to defend their country. Now, the primitive towel-headed terrorists in Afghanistan, have almost as much.

American Blackhawk Helicopter

This was not about incompetence. The leaders of the American Military, most notably General Milly and Lloyd Austin, whom by the way are experienced seasoned military experts, have deliberately sold their souls to left wing ideology in compliance with the Chinese Communist Party, and instead have been talking their heads off since the Biden administration came into power, about Critical Race Theory, and COVID 19.

If we had not seen this ourselves it would be unbelievable by any measuring tool. Most Americans are upset with the way the Administration has executed this plan and think it is not a plan. It has led many Americans to suggest that Biden is surely not the one running the show, but if it is not Biden who is it?

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