‘No More Masks!’: School Board Adjourns Early After Meeting Becomes Heated Over COVID Restrictions

Julio Rosas|
Posted: May 07, 2021

'No More Masks!': School Board Adjourns Early After Meeting Becomes Heated Over COVID Restrictions
Source: Ganite School District

A recent Granite School Board meeting ended early after things got a little out of control when some parents in attendance started to shout over other speakers and preventing the meeting’s agenda from moving forward.

The parents wanted the mask mandate to be lifted, saying forcing students, particularly young children, to wear masks is abuse. All the school board members were wearing masks.

When one guest speaker started to praise the school board’s efforts to mitigate COVID-19, she was shouted down by the anti-mask crowd. 

“No more masks! No more masks!” was loudly chanted.

The school district is now looking to criminally charge the main agitators in the crowd.

“At this point, they are evaluating criminal charges against some of the main aggressors,” school district spokesman Ben Horsley told the Salt-Lake Tribune. “…A number of aggressive individuals came to the front and started grabbing the equipment and shouting at the board members directly, even coming up [onto] the stand and accosting board members.”

Once the meeting had been adjourned, the school board members were escorted out of the building by police officers, with some of the members saying they were not afraid for the lives but the incident was “intimidating for sure.” Only the nameplates for the board members were damaged.

Horsley went on to compare the conduct of the anti-mask crowd to the January 6 Capitol rioters.

“They came in and took the spots on the stand and held a mock meeting for several minutes before they left the building.”

The Tribune noted the school board can not end its mask mandate for the academic year because the mandate comes from the state.


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