87% of Vote In:Rightist Bloc Falls Below 60 Seats

With 87.5% of the vote counted, United Arab List now projected to clear threshold – denying right-wing bloc a majority.

Tags:2021 Elections David Rosenberg , Mar 24 , 2021 9:21
בני גנץ

The United Arab List (Ra’am) party of Mansour Abbas has cleared the electoral threshold, ensuring its entry into the 24th Knesset, according to the latest data released by Israel’s Central Elections Committee Wednesday morning.

With 87.5% of the vote counted, UAL has thus far received 154,965 votes, or 4.03% of all valid ballots, well above the 3.25% electoral threshold. It has now received more than the estimated cutoff number of votes for the threshold, roughly 144,000.

UAL’s entry into the Knesset has reduced the right-wing – religious bloc’s share of seats and deprived it of an outright majority, even with Yamina included.

The Likud fell to 30 seats in the latest estimate, followed by Yesh Atid with 17, Shas with nine seats, Blue and White with eight, Yamina with seven, Labor with seven, United Torah Judaism with seven, Yisrael Beytenu with seven, the Joint Arab List with six, the Religious Zionist Party with six, the New Hope with six, Meretz with five, and the UAL with five.

The New Economic Party remains far below the 3.25% electoral threshold with just 0.78% of the vote, followed by Rappeh, with 0.40%.