Mr. Singh, invited by community activists and educators from the distinguished Sephardic community of Deal NJ, meets with educators and students at the Keter Torah Yeshiva, to discuss his positions on education and school choice.

(Deal NJ) June 3, 2021 10:00 AM

Hirsh Singh, contender for Republican Gubernatorial candidacy for NJ, visited the Sephardic Community of Deal NJ at the Yeshiva Keter Torah under the leadership of Rabbi Dabbah.

The School children were honored to meet the candidate. He visited with the elementary and high school students, as well as with the teachers and administrators of the school.

He re-iterated his strong stance on school choice which will help the growth of the children while raising educational standards.

Yeshiva Keter Torah High School Bochurim make up song on the spot to honor Hirsh Singh, Candidate for Governor
With a parent and School administrator
Speaking to one of the High School classes
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