Gov. Hochul recently signed a bill that forces the employees of utility companies to use the “preferred pronouns” of “trans women,” in plain English, to compel their speech to play along with the fantasy that they are real women.  It’s not clear how the state of New York plans on enforcing this.  It was hailed by politicians as protection against discrimination, which they define as “pain” to be “misgendered” and raised the allegation that a “record number of trans women (transvestites) are being murdered.” 

At the shameful signing of the bill

The FBI publishes the crime numbers annually and they show no wave of “misgendered” bashing.  Nor is there reason to believe that violent crime against shemales is motivated by bias.  The pronouns bill was bundled in with the START Act that vacates prostitution charges against human trafficking victims.  So, we have a segment of the population getting murdered by their “misgendered” clients and blaming it on the perceived intolerance of Torah.  

Sources: NY Daily News, Daily Wire