Newly elected Knesset member Avi Ma’oz from the Noam Party drafted a law which will give the right for supervision of all ceremonies at the Kosel to the chief Rabbinate. If it will become law, it  will prevent the Supreme Court and other government ministries from giving permission for  reform ceremonies and rituals at the Kosel.

Avi Maoz

The Supreme Court and other government ministries designated a section of the kosel to a far left group named “Woman of the Wall”. This radical group does not believe in daily prayer, nevertheless is adamant to come once a month and make a ruckus. This law will put an end to their shenanigans.  

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One thought on “NOAM Proposes Law To End Reform Rituals At Western Wall”
  1. Sounds good to me. The reform movement has become infiltrated by sjws in America and they deserve to me punished. In principle, Jews who fail to live up to the Covenant should not be proffered any tolerance to assert their will ever into anything Jewish, because the Tora is the inerrant word of HaSh-m and it has been codefied as an immutable article of faith by Maimonides.

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