Proposed community located within a beautiful area in the city of Acco with an availability to resettle as many as 100 families by סוכת תשפ״ב הבע״ל.

JNE Tuesday July 6, ’21 8:30 PM

A public meeting was held in Lakewood this past Tuesday evening sponsored by group of Avreichim in Lakewood, for the purpose of inspiring others to move to Eretz Yisroel and establish a thriving Torah community for American B’nei Torah.

This project that began to take shape nearly 2 years ago, spearheaded by Rabbi Dovid Koleditsky Shlita, R”Y of Yeshiva Etz Chaim in Lakewood.

Initially it was proposed to Rav Malkiel Kotler as an adjunctive community to Lakewood/BMG. Rav kotler was greatly interested. However the project stalled as a result of COVID 19 and all of the misfortune that followed.

However Reb Dovid never shelved the idea and continued to research the possibility. As the idea simmered and began to take shape a prospective site emerged in the city of Acco which seemed to provide a generous opportunity that would enable both affordable housing as well as an already existing infrastructure that would provide for the establishment of Mosdos for both boys ang girls.

Reb Dovid engaged the interest of Rabbi Menachem Leibowitz, who as it were was himself seriously planning a move to Eretz Yisroel with his family. Reb Menachem joined Reb Dovid’s efforts and together they created the plan that would I”YH be the framework for this promising project.

Expanded Partnerships

In time, Reb Dovid solicited the assistance to HaRav Gershon Sharaby in Eretz Yisroel along with his brother, well known Lakewood Askan Rabbi Avraham Sharaby, who presented both to the local municipality of Acco as well as the State Government, all of what would be needed in order to actualize this new community. In both cases the results were very successful, property areas were already earmarked, and some buildings which will be move—in—ready immediately after Succos 5782.

Inaugural Presentation in Lakewood

On Tuesday July 6 at 8:30 PM. an inaugural meeting was held at Estreia Restaurant. There were over 100 people in attendance. Many from outside the Lakewood community had signed up to attend but were subverted by the storm. Additional meetings to the public are expected immediately shortly. Other meetings are currently being scheduled by request from other communities in the Tri-state area.

Many have already reached out from as far out as Los Angeles, as information of this project makes it’s way around the U.S.

Some Meeting Resolutions

Volunteers were solicited to establish three committees. 1. Housing Committee, 2. Employment/Business Opportunities 3. Education Committee. The individuals on these committees will serve to help people find the housing they need, jobs as well as discuss educational needs.

Additionally, a ועד החינוך is being set up of the finest מחנכים in the US and Eretz Yisroel, that will serve as a guide to us in how to best set up the מוסדות for the boys and girls. Additionally forums guided by the members of the ועד החינוך will be set up to help perfect situations for older children.

VIDEO of the Program Presenters: Rabbi Menachem Leibowitz, Rabbi Dovid Koleditzky, Rabbi Avraham Sharaby

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For specific information you can reach Rabbi Menachem Leibowitz at (347) 501-1144

You can also email inquires to [email protected]

22 thoughts on “Momentous Event in Lakewood: Group of American ‘Avreichim’ Exploring a Move to Create an American ‘Torah Community’ in Eretz Yisroel.”
  1. This is a very, VERY, bad idea.

    Making aliyah, en masse, to a place with no other (Ashkenazi) Chareidim around? How are the children going to integrate? I don’t mean “learn Hebrew”. I mean “integrate” into Israeli society, especially in Acco where there is nothing to integrate into!

    I have been in Israel for a long time. I’m even familiar with Acco. I’m familiar with those who make aliyah. I’m familiar with those who push others to make aliyah. And I have yet to see any project or similar initiative like this be successful. Nearly every family I know that has made aliyah with older children, has “sacrificed” at least one of them because that child(ren) could not cope with such a societal change. Many went off the derech. Many became “very modern”. And yes, you have that everywhere, but when it’s clearly related to making aliyah, why would any parent do that? There is no “perfect situation for older children”. Only high risk.

    American Chareidim are not like Israeli Chareidim, and one should not think that it will be so easy to make the move. Certainly, if it’s going to be en masse like this with little to no chance of true integration.

    It’s known that those with the highest level of success with making aliyah are those that learned here as singles and began their marriage here. They, in general, learned how to properly integrate and have rabbanim who have lived here for decades and have successfully raised families here.

    Aliyah should only be done with those with very young or no children or who are “empty nesters”. At worst, you don’t like the decision you made. But at least you did not hurt any children on the way.

    PLEASE think twice about this and don’t let your emotions get ahold of you.

    1. Naturally it depends how it is done of course for many “it is better to dwell in Exile and fantasy/ dream about Israel , than live in Israel and fantasize of North America ” has unfortunately so many do

      however if you have to come with the right attitudes and serious crowd on the contrary it is better

      1. Right attitudes will only get you (not your children) so far. A serious crowd? This is not the first such attempt. I know of several neighborhoods that had serious crowds and years down the line suffered, because they had plenty of “good attitude”. I lived in some of them and saw the results with my own eyes. I’m not talking individual issues here and there…

        I’m friends with several children of olim, who are grown and have families of their own. They all are against the idea of Chutnikim moving with older children, because they all have seen the effects, many of them with their own siblings.

        I now have a better understanding of how the Gedolim felt 100 years ago when they were warning people of the dangers of Zionism, and many refused to listen, because they had “the right attitude”.

        It’s very simple.

        We are talking about the future of your children, who in Acco (and specifically in an American community), will have no chance whatsoever to integrate.

        We are talking about real dangers that are well-known regarding olim.

        How many are you willing to risk to live your dream?

        1. As for the record for those of you who believe that North America a place to remain another 10 years from now you’ll be living virtual
          keep on building your fancy houses and everything else perhaps with some allowance for some sort of synagogue as well as long as you don’t take what what you say literally in any form
          we are all aware of that there are countless of well-meaning wonderful naive people out there that have got burnt
          however this here is a Savvy crowd who are even as it involves Cutthroat
          Attitudes but as compared to the other options out there, we’re prepared to deal with that

        2. You are Foolish to equate any of this with Zionism of 100 years ago and your equation of what the Gedolim of the time said and fought for had nothing to do with what you saw in your experiences of Israel. As far as the failures of the past, you cannot just ‘LOB’ grenade into a conversation and get people to assume that whatever happened in the past has anything to with what is going on today. It’s in fact dishonest to do that where you cannot present the facts, opinions, actions and attitudes of those failed cases and and compare that at the same level to whats going on here.

          PS, If you had any idea of how many Jewish souls are getting destroyed in America on a daily basis, and how many families are suffering from the deteriorating nature of American life, and if you truly understood it you would be much slower to comment.

          Best Regards

    2. I made Aliya with younger and older children, and b”h it was the best decision ever made. To tell Yidden not to come is a much greater sin and responsibility than to encourage them to come. It is apparent from your other response, that you combine it with the Zionism idea, and you mingle the now with the past, that’s threading in the Meraglim territory, because you are very wrong.

  2. ושבו בנים לגבולם!!זה היום עשה ה נגילה ונשמחה בו

  3. This is superb . Almost ready for you to Count Me In
    the fact that is complex and complicated is par for the course

  4. IT will be a great counterbalance to many of those who have supported Bennett and his cronies that eternally Peter Pan adolescent Generation X anglo-american who live in Israel
    they remain people without a land
    because the only land they have is the blogs and social media which influence them

  5. It is true that if you make aliyah with older children the older kids will obviously have issues integrating. But the idea here is mainly for families with young children. So I am afraid all your criticism is a bit irrelevant.

    1. This is from the article itself:
      “Additionally forums guided by the members of the ועד החינוך will be set up to help perfect situations for older children.”
      I happen to know somebody who called to get information on this initiative and they were told that there were many families that were interested with older children.
      And even with younger children, if there is no normal integration into Israeli society, which this is NOT going to have because 1) it’s in Acco 2) it’s all-American, then even younger children will have issues when they eventually have to try to deal with mainstream Israeli Chareidi society.

      1. with Israeli Transportation Revolution going on
        the north is where it’s at these days

  6. With regards to younger children, I don’t see why there should be an issue “integrating”. Suppose they are in an english speaking american school, when the “time comes” why would it be any different than all americans that come to Israel at 20 and have no issue at all. They go to american yeshivos, and those who make aliyah stay in neighborhoods where there are americans. Why should this be any different.
    If they have enough older kids to start their own english speaking school for them (which is unlikely), I likewise don’t see the issue. It will be as if they are still in america. Americans in seminary have no issue integrating.

    1. “It is true that if you make aliyah with older children the older kids will obviously have issues integrating.”
      “If they have enough older kids to start their own english speaking school for them (which is unlikely), I likewise don’t see the issue.”
      I’m a bit confused on where you stand here.

      Unfortunately, the facts on the ground have shown, and nobody HERE is in denial about it, that children of olim, especially older ones, tend to suffer the most. As I said, there are other neighborhoods here that have tried this and have very high OTD rates in direct response to this. I know very few families such families that have not been negatively affected in some way.

      If you don’t see the issues, it’s because you’ve been living in American without the ability to see the issues. And if people want to believe that attitude and living in an American bubble is all that it takes and all with be well… well… good luck to you. But chaval on the korbonos.

  7. ” As I said, there are other neighborhoods here that have tried this and have very high OTD rates in direct response to this.” Incorrect!!!!!
    There are no prior examples( idleast not in the Chareidi world). Moving an entire community or group with schools and Yeshivos catered to the needs of the specific community was never done before. The list of neighborhoods with a large anglo presence is long- but they were not communities that moved as a group with the appropriate schools and mosdos for the American residents.
    This is different.
    Aside from this, in the past 5-10 years many new schools opened up catering for Americans who move to EY. This is a big resource that was not available in the past, things have changed, they are not the way they were ten years ago.
    Naava Kodesh just held a boys chinuch zoom last week demonstrating the many options for anglos, options that were not around ten years ago.

    Hatzlacha on this holy inititive.

  8. Dear Anonymous,
    It’s a different generation today then the one you experienced. There are 100x more options on the ground. I do agree that there are better choices than Acco. At any rate, Moshe Rabbeinu in this weeks Parsha directly addresses this hyper concerned attitude about the children that was expressed by the Meraglim and company
    “וְטַפְּכֶם֩ אֲשֶׁ֨ר אֲמַרְתֶּ֜ם לָבַ֣ז יִהְיֶ֗ה וּ֠בְנֵיכֶ֠ם אֲשֶׁ֨ר לֹא־יָדְע֤וּ הַיּוֹם֙ ט֣וֹב וָרָ֔ע הֵ֖מָּה יָבֹ֣אוּ שָׁ֑מָּה וְלָהֶ֣ם אֶתְּנֶ֔נָּה וְהֵ֖ם יִירָשֽׁוּהָ׃”

    1. with Israeli Transportation Revolution going on
      on the contrary the north is where is it’s at these days

      1. Actually, it’s really not. Many of us olim had to move to the center after trying the north, because of the lack of jobs. And yes, I’m speaking of recently.
        Nefesh B’Nefesh was really pushing the north, saying the same thing, and work there is not the easiest to find.

  9. This is a great idea and should be extended to Jews of all walks of life. Different communities can have their own Hashkofos. Making it comfortable to someone to make aliya is a mitzva. The future of Jewry in in Israel , not America.

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