GOP Rep. Guy Reschenthaler is whipping votes to strip Trump hater Liz Cheney of her Chairmanship of the GOP conference.

The feud between Trump and Liz Cheney reached a fever pitch this week after the RINO lawmaker lashed out at Trump for speaking the truth about the fraudulent 2020 election.

Pressure is building on GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy to remove Liz Cheney from her post as the third ranking leader.

On Tuesday, McCarthy said that a formal effort to remove Liz Cheney from her job as conference chair and replace her with Rep. Elise Stefanik is in the works.

In February 145 GOPers voted to keep Liz Cheney in her role and 61 members voted to strip her of her post in a secret ballot vote.

Congressman Guy Reschenthaler (R-PA) is whipping the votes to oust Cheney.

Rep. Reschenthaler told The Gateway Pundit that he has spoken to a number of his GOP colleagues and if a vote to recall Liz Cheney and replace her with Rep. Elise Stefanik were held today, Stefanik would win by a “significant margin.”

“If a vote to recall Liz Cheney and replace her with Elise Stefanik were held today – Elise would win by a significant margin. I’ve spoken to a number of my colleagues today, and the overwhelming feeling is that Elise is the right choice for GOP Conference Chair,” Rep. Reschenthaler told The Gateway Pundit.

“Elise strongly defended President Trump during the impeachment hearings, she has a brilliant command of the conservative message, and she played a significant role in helping the House GOP retake seats last November despite all the pundits predicting Democrat gains. We need a fresh voice to expose the Biden Administration’s radical policies that hurt working families and endanger our communities, not constantly relitigate the past – Elise will lead us in that direction,” the Pennsylvania lawmaker added.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy Caught on Hot Mic Saying He’s ‘Had It’ With Liz Cheney

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy was reportedly caught on hot mic saying he has “had it” with House Republican Conference Chairwoman and outspoken Never-Trumper Liz Cheney.

The hot mic moment came prior to an interview on “Fox & Friends,” during which he admitted House members are worried that Liz Cheney “can’t carry the message.”

His tone was harsher during the hot mic moments, according to a report from Axios — who reviewed the tape, but did not release it.

“I think she’s got real problems,” McCarthy told Steve Doocy off-air ahead of a live interview, Axios reports. “I’ve had it with … I’ve had it with her. You know, I’ve lost confidence.”

McCarthy on the hot mic also reportedly indicated he expects a vote soon to remove Cheney from her leadership position.

“Well, someone just has to bring a motion, but I assume that will probably take place,” he continued.

Top Republicans have reportedly told Axios that they believe Cheney could be removed within a month.

State Senator Anthony Bouchard will be challenging Cheney in 2022 and cited her opposition to Trump when he announced his bid.

“A conservative state like Wyoming—which gave Donald Trump the nation’s largest percentage of the vote both times—should be electing one of the most conservative members of Congress. It’s time to stand up for America, defend our freedoms, fight for our way of life and always put taxpayers first. That’s why I’m running for Congress,” Bouchard previously told the Gateway Pundit.