The past few nights the newly Hassidic Oak & Vine neighborhood in Lakewood New Jersey is swarmed by young teenagers and kids rioting, egging homes, shouting at the cops, and beating up children. BLM riots with א ידישע טעם

This became a nightly activity of Hassidic  vs. Litvaks which  the local  youngsters appease the energy brought on by a lack of anything else to do. Their parents claim they don’t have the time to supervise their kids, who go and entertain themselves in the streets. This is not what the Brooklyn newcomers at the Hassidic Oak & Vine neighborhood expected.

When not harassing Hassidic Jews, they tend to go to J2 South Pizza shop and mingle with the non-Jewish workers. It has been reported to us that many times people have overheard these boys initiating subjects containing immoral content. “The solution is not to stop eating Pizza. Boys simply have too much time on their hands;” some parents have commented. “Under these circumstances mere supervision by parents is useless to the growing need to congregate in gang-like surroundings.” This is a serious community problem

Local residents have told JNews that this has been going on for the last month with no one taking the initiative to stop it.

The situation must be addressed by a strong coalition between Parents and Yeshiva administrators. Certainly there must be extra curricular activities established by institutions in order to stem this from reaching epidemic proportions.

Update, Friday May 7th 2021:

Last night the riots continued. The Hassidim came with Kugel and cholent; the teenagers came with raw eggs purchased at the Evergreen Supermarket.

The Kloyzenberger Dayan, Rabbi of the Oak & Vine neighborhood told JNews that he has no idea of what is going on or why this is happening. Rebbetzin Reisman, wife of Rabbi Yisroel Resiman from the neighboring Chateau Park told JNews “the protest are achieving a great goal (?!?) but the Ruv does not allow any of the Chateau Park kids to join”.

67 thoughts on “Litvaks Attack Chasidim: Updated”
  1. Little Schepansky is quiet a בעל דרשן
    ברא כרעא דאבוה

  2. The bros – the over weight is the an expert egg thrower.
    ויקרא שמו בעל ביצים – תרתי משמע
    the younger one – זה המזיק הקטן מזיק גדול יהיה

    1. the person videoing looks like he’s bored a/f and looking for action. legit go play with someone your age. you are totally instigating these boys. and the black comment u made up..omg. go take your meds

      1. Hashem is crying at the Sinad Achim you are trying to cover up instead of dealing with the problem that there is a failure to teach true Yorad Shamayim in our youth.

      2. Hashem is crying at the Sinad Achim you are trying to cover up instead of dealing with the problem that there is a failure to teach true Yiras Shamayim to our youth. This is Jewish juvenile deleguency and real Chillul Hashem.
        Bet the adults are pointing fingers and not dealing with the problem. As a former teacher, I’ve seen this behavior in Yeshivas. Boys are told “You are great and anyone different is garbage.

        1. If he is crying Kvy”l as you claim it’s for the perversion of Judaism which both sides are
          also for the fact that the only language is the one that’s being used the only one that the newcomers grasp and will show some cold caution hopefully for

  3. What a load of crap. I love how it says “the truth leads the way”

  4. Also deleting comments cause someone disagrees with you. Doesn’t sound like looking for the truth

  5. We should make a new chasidus called Litvaks maybe then someone would care enough to help the people affordable housing

  6. The young kid on the bike is terrified!! Where are his parents? Anywhere?!?!?

    1. If my kid would have been involved in the gang of troublemakers, he would’ve been severely punished. What kind of parents do these little gangsters have?? What kind of education are their parents allowing them to get??


  7. This is some beginners lessons how to act in ponevitch yeshiva when they get older…

  8. it is wrong for roll over
    Too many suffer the consequences of being nice
    These boys are should be treated as Heroes for defending their turf

  9. ok. defend your turf. But these kids do not know that!!! they r growing up knowing it is ok to throw eggs at anyone you dislike. Regardless of whos turf or he is right or who is wrong.

  10. This article is so full of sheker, loshon hara, rechilus and sinas chinam. They should not be there doing anything but they are not fighting with chasiddim. They are there for a well known rasha who lives there who deserves much worse than this. Stop fanning flames and trying to create machlokes and further chillul hashem.

    1. There is no well known moser living there. Cut the bull. Did you try doing geneivishe shtick and didn’t get away with it, so now you’re finding someone else to blame, when it’s really your own fault the whole time!

  11. How has this anything to do with Chassidim? The boys are attacking a certain person, for some reason. Who says chassidus comes in over here?

  12. I don’t see these boys doing anything wrong or attacking chassidim. All they are doing is milling around, and one or two are arguing with the guy for filming things. Nobody sees any eggs, nobody sees any violence.

    The only person being nasty is the guy filming. It has nothing to do with the Litvishe kids. And we don’t know who the filmer is, maybe he is also a litvak.

    Seems like a great big nothingburger.

    1. Aha! no eggs so is there a kid – see the picture – with a full box of raw eggssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss/??????????????????????????????????????!!!?

      1. Yes, he is holding a tray of eggs. What does that have to do with ‘egging’? He hasn’t egged anyone, his mother is making cheesecake for Shavuos.

  13. Mr Nut’s,
    Would you do the same thing in coventry????!!! keep he entire neighborhood up, night after night, just because you do not like somone??!!!? Is that fair to us chasidim who would like to sleep at night?!?!? This would never be allowed in a litveshe area – us chasidim are secondary citizens – which give Mr Nuts the right to treat us like ….

    Of course Mr Nut’s is a small small minority in lkwd. The vast majority of yidden in lkwd believe in ואהבת לריעך כמוך

    1. you start all small and within a couple of years to grow into a monster stamping and suffocating everyone
      we’re well aware how this eventually will play invariably out
      Do not go try that innocent and offended

      First they came for Williamsburg ,Boro Park, and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Williamsburg , Boro Parker.
      Then they came for the Monsey , and I did not speak out– Because I was not a Rockland County resident .
      Then they came for North Lakewood , and I did not speak out– Because I was not a North Lakewooder .
      Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me!

    2. Where do Chassidim come in? Why did you decide the reason for this is that they are Chassidim?
      I don’t know that the story is the way you say it. The pictures and videos here show daytime milling around. But if they are keeping you up at night, it is certainly wrong.

      But the idea that this is Litvaks vs Chassidim is a canard, it is a lie, it is not true. It is someone against someone, and the flavor of kugel that they like is secondary.

      1. Sure
        probably everything else that happens on this planet just random chaos in A vacuum

        1. I have some news for you. There are a lot of non-Chasidim in Lakewood. In fact, choose a random entry in the phone book and it will probably not be a Chassid. Which is why it is not so difficult to understand that the boys are non-chassidic.

          1. Was that an accident
            it’s because this is the Gathering of Exiles from all those other places chased out mostly by Guess Who ..

  14. The מסורה Lakewood in Lakewood
    only allow to wear Shtreimel privately in your own house
    this was into the 1980s

  15. It seems like they’re targeting a specific house. If I’m correct about that then there is a reason they’re targeting it and you obviously don’t know the full story. Get to know the story and then post it. There were other protests planned for Finchley blvd but the person they were supposed to protest at was arrested before the protest.

    1. Why Don’t you do us a favor and write a comment about the facts. Secondly, do you think that 10, 11, 12 13 year old kids should be the vehicle through which protests come to the community? even for valid issues? Keep your children devoted to their studies and yiddeshe growth development. Leave the moral protests to the Adults who are supposed to be the the guardians of our future.

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