Editorial Staff, JNews. July 29th 2021

The RWJ Barnabas Health Corporation, which includes Kimball Hospital and Monmouth Hospital has declared that ALL staff, approximately 35,000 must be vaccinated by Oct. 15th 2021.

This mandate which is in line with the desired policy of the Biden White House as well as the State of New Jersey under the thumb of—oftentimes tyrannical—Gov. Phil Murphy, will now create untold wreckage amongst health employees in New Jersey who are suspicious of the COVID vaccines health risks vs. their efficacy.

This type of mandate which may very likely prove to be unconstitutional is beginning to emerge as a standard-bearing policy in ‘Blue States.’ This rule will apply to vendors and volunteers as well, whom will be obligated to show proof of their having received the vaccine.

In addition, all vendors and volunteers will need to show proof of vaccination.

  • Many of our nurses have risked their lives this past year to care of Corona patients; now they received notice they are to be fired if they do not take a vaccine. Is this the Thank you these heroes deserve? Where is the passion for those that had passion for us? 
  • Is their a compensation plan for those nurses who will be fired?? Of course not.

Assemblyman Sean Kean (R.) Commented:

Please know that I believe people should have the right to exercise their personal choice concerning healthcare matters. I have opposed legislation in some cases that required mandatory vaccinations and bills that would have changed exemptions for mandatory vaccinations. I believe that an individual should make an informed choice when deciding if they should receive the COVID-19 vaccination.

That said, I have been informed that RWJBarnabas Health system that operates both Monmouth Medical Center and the Monmouth Medical Center Southern Campus is accepting religious and medical exemptions from employees.

I understand your concern for employees who are subject to vaccine mandates, and I will certainly take your views into consideration should any related legislation come before the full General Assembly for a vote.

Thank you for emailing me regarding this important issue. Please feel free to contact me further on this or any other matter.


Sean T. Kean

Assemblyman, 30th District

The following is a statement released to the public as the new policy of RWJ Barnabas Health:

West Orange, NJ, July 26, 2021– RWJ Barnabas Health, the largest academic health care system in New Jersey, is extending its COVID-19 vaccine mandate to all RWJ Barnabas Health staff including all employees, new employees and medical staff. The deadline for full vaccination and completion of the second dose is October 15, 2021.

RWJBarnabas Health recently mandated vaccination for staff at the supervisor level and above with great success. As a result, the vast majority of the management team has been vaccinated against COVID-19. As of July 14, 2,979 staff members, or 99.7 percent, who are at the supervisor level and above, have been fully vaccinated or received medical and religious exemptions or a deferral.

“It is critically important for our entire RWJBarnabas Health family to be vaccinated,” said John F. Bonamo, MD, MS, FACOG, FACPE, Executive Vice President and Chief Medical and Quality Officer for RWJBarnabas Health. “As healthcare workers and team members, we are obligated ethically and professionally to do everything we can to keep our patients and colleagues safe. This obligation is not met if unvaccinated staff are treating and interacting with our patients, or are at risk of spreading COVID-19 to each other.”

Multiple national societies representing medical professionals have jointly recommended that vaccination be required for all healthcare personnel as a condition of employment, and many health systems, including others in New Jersey, are doing just that. COVID-19 vaccination prevents serious illness, hospitalization and death.

Documented declines in cases since mass vaccination began prove the COVID-19 vaccines are both safe and effective, and are crucial to decreasing the spread of the virus.

As with the mandatory management vaccine program, non-compliance with this mandate will result in separation from the organization.