by Volf ben Yosev

The Jewish Community Relations Council is a UJA/Federation agency who deign to speak for the Jewish community in the public sphere.  They are our self-appointed representatives.  There is just one problem.  When was the last time you saw the JCRC taking an opinion poll or consulting with anyone in Lakewood or Brooklyn?  I’m guessing never. 

Their website thanks Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) on our behalf, just to give you an idea of who and what these people are. For years now, the JCRC in New York has been trying to get an audience with the lovely darling of the liberal media and ideological thought leader of the Democrat Party, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY).  AOC, as she is known, has replaced Bernie Sanders (D-VT) as the leader of the Democrat Socialists of America.  Her brand of Socialism is to the hard left of Bernie.  Bernie calls for redistribution of wealth based on class.  AOC calls for redistribution of wealth based on race, so that low-income Jews pay reparations to celebrities “of color,” a sentiment echoed by the Biden administration, and reinforced with mandatory “antiracist training” for schoolkids.  At his first and only press conference since taking office, Pres. Biden recently bemoaned the oppression of black professional athletes as victims of American society, meaning white people, meaning Jews.  AOC is a notorious anti-Semite, based on her repeated false accusations against Israel, her labelling Tora “bigotry,” her alliance with terrorist sympathizers Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and the pro-Holocaust Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), her racialized and discriminatory policies, and her promotion of black power hate groups BLM and the Black Panther Party.  AOC’s group Democrat Socialists of America refuse to endorse candidates unless they agree to BDS as a prerequisite to interviewing.  The woman has been openly promoting BLM race riots.  Her followers smashed up a neighborhood in South Queens and painted “AOC” on cars and no one said anything.  AOC espouses Revolutionary radicalism, the ideology of Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, and it is now being taught in American schools.

In their desperate quest to lend an air of legitimacy to AOC, as well as their own outfit, the JCRC finally got their wish to meet with the Millennial “influencer,” and it was the public relations equivalent of stepping on a rake.  The meeting was conducted virtually, using Zoom or similar A/V software.  When it came to the question of Israel, the “money shot,” AOC shifted her Mansonian stare away from the camera and managed to haltingly stammer out a lukewarm acknowledgment that Jewish rights exist.  A leftist watching this at home tweeted out his disappointment at her failure to champion the PLO cause to his satisfaction, and reportedly was called on by local police.  The popular Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on his program, in a segment entitled “Thought Police,” that the critic of AOC’s long-awaited meeting of the minds with the JCRC’s Michael Miller was falsely reported for “threatening” the taco shack barmaid-turned-Congresswoman, an allegation the accused and Fox dispute.  The tip is said to have originated from Capitol Police, though AOC denies making the complaint.  Now, it looks like a Jewish plot, providing ammunition to Jew-haters.  
Maybe it is time to disband the Jewish Community Relations Council.  In Detroit, they promote and justify BLM pogroms as a civil rights movement.  In a related story that boggles the mind, several Jewish New Yorkers received emails last year Yom Ha’Atzmut, saying that the Israel Day event had been cancelled due to covid and replaced with an event teaching BLM ideology to Jews.  When asked about it, New York JCRC Associate Executive Director and Director of Public Policy David M. Pollock claimed that the BLM event was a hoax, and that they used the JCRC name without permission.  
“Unfortunately, we can’t control how people refer to a beautiful event and hijack for their purposes.”
Now, they know how we feel when they call themselves “Jewish,” and pretend to represent us without permission.  Over in Europe, they take their recipes for wine, beer, and bread so seriously that they have laws on the books regulating ingredients.  For example, Subway’s sandwich shop cannot legally call their sub rolls “bread” in Ireland.  Maybe the “Jewish” brand name should be protected from secular humanists, imposters, and self-serving political wheeler-dealers?  Otherwise, it looks like we are approving of AOC, when in fact she presents the greatest threat to world Jewry in our lifetimes, as the face of the Socialist revolution currently taking place.  The Democrats’ plans for racialized Marxism are now taking shape and effect.  They call it “equity.”  I think we’ve seen this movie before.  The last time racialized Marxism was attempted, it was in Europe.  National Socialism did not work out too well for us “disproportionately” “over” represented.  
Note: AOC is also the architect of the “Trump Accountability Project” nationwide campaign to blacklist and target conservative thinkers, and the “Green New Deal” economic plan that calls for the elimination of cars, cows, coal, commercial air travel, oil, gas, nuclear power, and the demolition of every US building to be rebuilt “eco-friendly.”  

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