by Volf ben Yosev

The Israeli-American Council (IAC) is a 501(3)(c) registered non-profit who cannot legally engage in political activity, as they certified to the IRS.  So why are they spreading Socialism?  The IAC bills itself as fighting anti-Semitism in the Campus Wars and promoting Jewish culture.  Thus far, IAC has not been very successful at keeping anti-Semitic BDS and CRT agitprop out of the schools, as the state of California’s new Ethnic Studies curriculum is testament to.  The IAC’s idea of promoting Jewish culture is to rebrand it as “Israeliness,” a food-based secular culture with no religion.  

To this effect, they offer online courses through an educational program they call Ofek Hub.  Mixed in with all the cooking classes and Hebrew lessons is a class taught by a one Mr. Barak Sela, self-styled “social justice activist,” on the wonders and joys of farm collectivization and communal living on the Kibbutz.