Congressman Mondaire Jones and New York Attorney General Letitia James, pay a Shiva visit today to the family of Meron victim Shragy Gestetner Z”L.

Congressman Mondaire Jones is an openly gay congressman. New Square voted for him in mass.

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10 thoughts on “Gay Congressman Pays A Shiva Visit Today To Family Of Meron Victim”
    1. What’s disgusting is your attitude…whether a person is white, black, Jew, Christian, straight or gay doesn’t matter….he’s decent enough to pay respect.

      1. ‘המחנף לרשע נופל לידם’
        What’s disgusting is your attitude…whether a person is a rapist, mafia, counterfeiter, traitor .. is he decent enough to pay respect.
        It’s inherently understood that one could destroy society without doing anything officially nonconsensual / coercive

  1. In the days of Noach Not everyone In the generation sinned Or acted Immoral personally ,
    those other people were smug, tolerant, hosted them as politicians, couldn’t care less what others did – and for that they were destroyed with everybody else
    Noach did care And tried to protest
    somewhat and that’s why he was saved
    but less than enough and for that he was castigated
    Cf. Tanchuma Re’eh

    Thomas Jefferson wrote in the American Declaration of Independence that certain truths are self-evident..King Solomon in Koheles points out that the Lord created human beings and imbued them with simple righteousness, but that they constantly search for devious means to fulfill unjust desires. The Torah, by using the verb re’eh, clearly implies that the choice between eternal life and death, between right and wrong, between good and evil is not that complicated, that one’s choices in life are clearly evident

  2. י[ “שמעתי מהגה”צ הגרא”א דסלר זצ”ל, שבעת השואה האיומה כאשר
    צדיקים וקדושי עליון נחנקו ונהרגו בעינויים קשים יחד עם רבבות מעם
    ישראל שנזרקו לתוך כבשן האש, אז שאלו כולם “איפה אלוקיך ישראל”
    ואיך הקב”ה מיצר כל כך אפילו לצדיקים וקדושי עליון, וביאר אז הגרא”א
    דסלר זצ”ל, שנכון שהיו הרבה צדיקים וחרדים, אבל לא דאגו לשמירת הדת
    של אחרים ולא מחו ברשעים מספיק, ועל זה הקב”ה מאוד בחרון אף
    וכמוש”כ בחטא העגל “ואנכי אסתר אסתיר את פני בעת ההיא”, ובביאור
    תוכן העניין, אמר הרב דסלר זצ”ל, שזהו מידה כנגד מידה, שהקב”ה אומר
    “אתם לא מחיתם ולא התערבתם למחות על החילול ה’, אז גם אני לא
    מתערב למנוע את האויבים מלהרוג בכם”, .

    1. אין שום ערבות לגוים, אין ערבות אלא לבני ישראל. גוי המתנהג שלא כדין, אין זה הבעיא שלנו ואין שום חיוב למחות

      1. FALSE
        Do you have a clue what Rosh Hashana tefilos are about. Doubt it.

        And even those who hold there isn’t a direct obligation when it’s not pragmatic, everyone agrees that’s our ideal role in this world
        So you abandon our role as descendants of Avraham Avinu who taught the people of the world
        You might just come out and declare now the anti-semites are all on target: they should hate us because as they say you people don’t really care about anybody else

        When R’ Boruch Ber came to New York in 1929 he was greeted by Mayor Walker. The mayor asked him “what can I do for you Rabbi?”

        His prompt response [in Yiddish] was ‘Separate the males and females at the beaches.’
        He did not ask him for special favors for the Jewish community or e.g. “religious liberty” for religious Jews ..

        R Shimon Schwab was explicit and emphatic about Our obligation to the outside world told people therefore to vote Republican in ’92 ,over the “pro Israel’ Clinton

        . The reason chazal are such against stadiums as can be see clearly from the gemaras in avodah zarah is ritzicha. Stadiums were used for gladiator matches for goyim

        “The world is full of avodah zarah, immorality, abortion, and murder, and the fundamental sheva mitzvos bnei Noach, the seven Noahide laws, aren’t being observed in society. We are not doing our job and living up to our responsibilities.

        Rav Schachter observed that we should all be thankful that G-d took an oath after the flood in the time of Noach never to destroy the entire world again. “The whole world is rebelling,” he noted. “If I were G-d, I would be very angry right now. We need to work harder and do our jobs better so that we can be an ohr lagoyim.”

      2. person,

        על כל כבוד עצמך חס ,כבוד קונו אינו חס

  3. person
    מי שחושבים ככה עוברים על מצוות ‘ואהבת’ בכל יום ויום
    ‘ספר המצוות מצווה ג

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