Security establishment investigating suspicion that Chinese embassy gave Israeli government officials thermal mugs with hidden spy devices.

Which Effectively means, ‘Israeli Officials Get Mugged,

IREPORTED BY: Israel National News 12.04.22 10:34

Listening device (archive)
Listening device (archive)ISTOCK

The Chinese government is suspected of trying to spy on Israeli government ministries, after a listening device was found concealed in a gift given to a government official.

According to a report Tuesday morning by Galei Tzahal, Israeli security officials are investigating the possibility that the Chinese embassy in Israel attempted to plant listening devices in Israeli government ministries.

Suspicions were aroused after a listening device was found concealed in a thermal mug given as a gift to an Israeli ministry.

The listening device was found during a routine security check, the report said.

Following the discovery, authorities collected all thermal mugs given by the embassy to Israeli government ministries.

In addition, the government has imposed a new regulation regarding gifts from foreign entities to government ministries, requiring that all gifts receive security clearance.

Israel’s Foreign Ministry said that the matter is currently being investigated by the Shin Bet – Israel Security Agency.