Observation of Hunger Lockdown from Inside China: Do you know what 26,000,000 people represents? Imagine the Entire State of California or NY Under this Type of Lockdown! And Don’t Think It Cannot Happen

While these videos or horrific in nature, one must always look at press reports with a suspicious eye. One of China’s best and most professional assets is its control over information. China never likes to be shown as weak or incapable. When they actually are, you will never see it.

The fact that China hs allowed this information to circulate ALL OVER THE WORLD, through every major press outlet in the Universe, suggests perhaps something more devious going on. Remember that when China first encountered the Virus—in 2019—they suppressed that information for nearly 4 months. That in fact shows you that they are capable of doing so.

Keep a careful eye on new mandates around the world especially in the USA. The City of Philadelphia just announced a renewal of the in door mask mandate. Is this only the beginning? THINK ABOUT IT

Propaganda or masterful Journalism?