by Misty Severi, Breaking News Reporter  | January 04, 2022 10:44 AM

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China placed nearly 1.2 million residents in lockdown on Tuesday in the central city of Yuzhou after three people in the city tested positive for asymptomatic cases of COVID-19.

Residents are required to stay home, and residential communities within the city are required to post sentries at their gates. Public transportation, shopping malls, and tourist destinations have already been closed in the city.00:46/08:32

“So far, the source of the virus is unknown, the number of cases is unclear. … The virus control and prevention situation in our city is very severe,” authorities said in a statement obtained by Reuters. “To curb and quash the epidemic within the shortest amount of time is a high-priority political task facing all officials and people in the city.”

The Washington Examiner

Last week JNews reported that Xi’AN China, a City of 13 million people, even larger than Wuhan where the COVID epidemic began, was locked down because of 6 cased of COVID. We pointed out that this was a strange move in light of the ratio of 6 to 13 million. The mystery however continues as China locked down a city of 1.2 million because of three cases discovered

JNews continues to monitor this event as we think there is much more to this story.