As reported a few days ago, a Asifa was held in Lakewood last Tuesday evening announcing this initiative to build a new Torah Community of Americans in Akko.

The response so far has been overwhelmingly favorable to the point where there has already been hundreds serious inquirers of the information on the project and it’s progress

It was announced last Tuesday that 5 committees are bing formed to tackle all the main issues that would arise to make this project succeed.

The five committees are:
1. The חינוך Committee

2. The Parnassah Committee

3. The Housing Committee

4. Logistics Committee

5. Finance/Investors Committee

The heads of these committees will be announced at a follow-up Asifa—which will take place next week, (time and location to be announced after Shabbos) , that will take both live and over the internet. Firm times and hook-up information to be announced on Sunday.

Please stay tuned for further updates.

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