By Nick Arama | Aug 17, 2021 6:45 PM ET 

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

This is already a disaster in Afghanistan. But may get even worse.

There are thousands of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. According to the Biden team, 5,000-10,000 are still trapped near Kabul, but John Kirby said they didn’t have a real count, showing more ignorance.

According to a former Bush official, it’s far more than that, spread across the country — with up to 40,000 Americans still in Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has ringed the airport, the last area that the Americans are holding.

So how is the Biden team going to get them out?

First, they caused some of the problem by telling Americans near Kabul to shelter in place on Sunday which was probably the last safe day to get to the airport. Now, if Americans or allies are going to get to the airport, they have to go through the Taliban who are blocking all the entries. While the Biden team is claiming there is an uneasy agreement to let people through for the next two weeks, there are also reports of the Taliban beating people trying to reach the airport.

In the face of all this, here’s what the American government has sent out to citizens. Imagine getting this after they told you to stay in place on Sunday.

So how you get to the airport through the Taliban is all on you, too bad. This is shameful.

They withdrew troops without ever guaranteeing the safety of anyone. Now they have to put in even more than they pulled out and they still can’t guarantee Americans safety now that Biden has destabilized everything.

Psaki said they would be continuing to try to evacuate people but wouldn’t guarantee getting anyone out past the end of the month. Psaki apparently came back from vacation, while Joe has returned to vacation.

But the Biden team isn’t even guaranteeing getting them safely to the airport now. She’s telling us they’ll get them out while leaving them to their own devices to get past the Taliban. This is a clown car of an administration. Then, when the people don’t show up at the airport because the Taliban killed or kidnapped them, the Biden team will likely blame them for their own deaths.

They’ve left them hanging out in the wind with this. This is why this may get very very bad. Biden is not just throwing the allies under the bus, he’s throwing the Americans under the bus, too.