Letter in Support of Phil Rizzo For Governor, by Eli Moallem

Hello Everyone

I thought this was important to share with you – please see statement below from Philip Rizzo, Candidate for NJ Governor

Too many politicians are staying silent, or worse, encouraging more violence and hate against Jews with their words of appeasement or outright support or terrorists

Philip Rizzo Stands with Israel and the Jewish people – That’s why I am standing with Philip Rizzo

We have the numbers and we have the power to never again let what we see in our streets today be tolerated – the question is will we use them and when?

The Primary is on June 8th and is in person – let’s fight for what is important to us, and let’s rally behind the man that stands for all that is important to us – Philip Rizzo

I would be happy to set up any meetings with Rizzo for you or your group – this is a chance for our community to have a big voice in our future – it won’t happen if we remain silent  

Shabbat Shalom

Eli Moallem Bergen County Coordinator – Rizzo for NJ Governor

Rizzo Stands with Israel
May 27, 2021
Contact: [email protected]
PARSIPPANY – Today, Philip Rizzo called on all candidates for governor to publicly stand with Israel.
Rizzo stated, “The State of New Jersey and the State of Israel have very close ties. Many of our citizens have family and friends in Israel. We also enjoy a warm and mutually beneficial economic relationship. As a candidate for NJ Governor, and a visitor to Israel, I must speak out on the humanitarian crisis we are witnessing. I support the Israeli people’s right to self-defense. I also ask every person with a public voice to speak out, and urge all candidates for governor to always stand strong with Israel. We mourn the loss of all innocent life. The Israeli people have the right to live in peace and security and they have every right to defend themselves. Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness are uniquely grounded in Judeo-Christian values embraced by Americans and Israelis.  Every nation’s first responsibility is to protect the life of its citizens, because without it, liberty and the pursuit of happiness do not exist. Israel must protect her citizens and we must all condemn the terrorists who kill the innocent. I will continue to pray for the peace and safety of Israel.”

 To learn more about the Rizzo for Governor campaign please visit: jerseyrizzo.com.

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2 thoughts on “Bergen County Supports Phil Rizzo For Governor of NJ”
  1. From a Lakewood Askan

    Those who have proper sense can see the daily danger to our lives and to the children’s lives of our children. The Lakewood Township will put one traffic light in an intersection after many accidents, injuries and possibly deaths. At this pace the streets will be safe in 200 years. Phone calls to the committeemen fall on deaf ears as the danger to our lives keeps on escalating due to the corporate zoning laws and money hungry builders. Much can be done, even without traffic lights. This askan stood for half a year on the committeemen’s heads to put four way stop signs in the the intersection of Squankum and Princeton. It took a half year of work and phone calls and then signs were put up to thank the committeemen for their hard work! Now they do not even want to hear my voice! For years I begged for other four way stop signs, but they don’t even return a phone call. All of this could have been solved if just 40% of Lakewood residents would vote. Voting can be arranged once and for all to be done by mail-in ballot. It takes about two and a half minutes to arrange it. Call (732) 929-2167.
    How many deaths and injuries have occured in Lakewood due to people not voting? Who knows who will be the next korban. Yidishe neshamos seem to have very little value here. I beg you to start caring about your life and the lives of your children and relatives!

    Signed with pain

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