This is the new mantra of the left. It is now righteous to be Anti-Semitic.

BBC Reporter: Hitler Was Right

Matt Vespa@mvespa1|Posted: May 24, 2021

BBC Reporter: Hitler Was Right

Source: AP Photo

CNN was exposed for hiring contributors and photo editors with serious anti-Semitism issues. One explicitly said that “the world needs Hitler” and that the infamous dictator “did good with those Jews.” It’s sad that in 2021 we must tell people that being pro-Hitler isn’t a good thing. Then again, most of these people are liberal, and liberals are historically illiterate. They have zero grasp of history. Those who do only try to re-write it through a woke lens. That’s not a historical analysis. And if you’re peddling this as fact, that’s also fraud. Well, I bring this up because BBC, who has long been slammed for having some of the worst coverage on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, had one of their reporters giving a nice hat tip to Adolf Hitler. In 2014, Tala Hawala wrote, “Israel was more Nazi than Hitler. Oh, #Hitlerwas right. IDF go to hell.” This predated her employment with the BBC, who said they’re still going to investigate regardless (via JPost): 

Halawa is a BBC digital journalist who specializes in Palestinian affairs and covers the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.


In another post on Facebook, she shared an image with the slogan “Solution for Israel Palestinian conflict – relocate Israel into United States,” which she captioned to be an “easy and simple world solution! To enlightening the ‘dark radical’ middle east.”

This same image was also shared by UK Labour Party politician Naz Shah, leading to her suspension in 2016.

Almost three years after she published these posts, Halawa was hired by the BBC.

Here’s a pro-tip, and I still can’t believe I have to say this, but being pro-Hitler is bad and sharing that on social media is even stupider.

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