The Face of Jewish Corruption

So the Giant Egotistical Leadership of Agudas Yisroel, and their puppet in NJ, the “GOFER” boy to the Jewish Community Avi Schnall, are supportung the Re-Election of Gov. Phil Murphy for a second term in NJ.

So I wondered, what is it that they like about Murphy that makes them send Schnall around to meetings all over NJ convincing people to vote for Dictator Murphy?

So I looked up some of their propaganda where they say that we owe Gov. Murphy ‘HaKaras HaTov for his support support to the Lakewood Jewish Community.

But than I found that on March 3d, of this year, Murphy signed into law a Landmark equal rights bill: The bill is a Senior citizens Rights Bill. Wow!! how nice!

But than there title of the Bill was amended; it is now called, and i quote, “LGBTQI+ Senior Bill of Rights Legislation.”

Well thank you Schnall and your puppet master AI of America.

So here are the highlights of the Bill my dear brethren of Lakewood and the other Jewish communities of NJ:

Today’s bill signing outlines the “LGBTQI+ Senior Bill of Rights”, which prohibits long-term care facilities from taking any of the following actions based on a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, intersex status, or HIV status:  

  1. Denying admission to, transferring, discharging, or evicting a resident;
  2. Opposing a request by residents to share a room;
  3. Assigning or reassigning a room based on gender;
  4. Forbidding a resident from using a restroom based on gender;
  5. Repeatedly failing to use a resident’s chosen name or pronouns despite being informed;
  6. Denying a resident from wearing clothing, accessories, or cosmetics of their choice;
  7. Restricting a resident’s right to engage with other residents or with visitors;
  8. Denying, restricting, or providing unequal medical or non-medical care; and
  9. Declining to provide any service, care, or reasonable accommodation.

I highlighted some of the major points. People! Think of our institutions. Think of our public places! Think of our ability to object to practices that affect our religious freedoms and our freedom to raise our children according to our Torah Values.

So let me ask you Schnall and administration of AI, is some of that $6,000,000 campaign that you just finished going to be used to provide us with legal protections and fees for legal assistance if we do not allow males to use our female bathrooms?

What will you do if a ‘trans’ couple wants to rent a basement in one of our neighborhoods? you guys fix that?

SHAME ON YOU AND YOUR ORGANIZATIONS. You are no longer here to protect or fight for us. You have turned to your puppet masters in the DemocRAT party. You have pledged allegiance to the Swamp.

Residents of Lakewood and the rest of NJ!! You must go out and vote republican. The DemocRAT party became the party of antisemitism.

43 thoughts on “Agudas Yisroel, Avi Schnall, and Transgenderism”
  1. Agudah’s Avi Schnall is a puppet of Gary Schaer, we all know what he is all about with his LGBT agenda. They love him, literally.
    All the millions they raised was under false pretenses.
    It’s high time to sue all of these fraudsters.

  2. Reb Chaim said it’s Ossur to vote for Murphy.
    Let’s not make a pirud in Klal Yisroel.
    Yankie says for the right price, he’ll produce a video to vote for every low-life.
    Did you see the Yankie video about taking the suicide injections.

    Money talks……

  3. They cause all of the problems, they lick to the corruption, they are part and parcel of the corruption, they are shlepping the Bnei-Torah int the abyss, R”L and we fools follow them with the herd-mentality.
    Chevra, it’s to to wake up from your slumber, kick them all in their pants, they are the problem not the solution.
    They are the “Eirav-Rav.
    Follow the Gedoilm of the past generation, Reb Ahron, Reb Avigdor Miller, etc.

  4. Someone should start a petition of who are the true representatives of the religious Jewish community.

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