Yosef Benari Oct 25th 2021

It turns out, that a prominent political figure in Passaic NJ, who is religious, is a graduate of the school of ‘The Lakewood VAAD’ under the poisonous influence of Avi Schnall and Agudah.

Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer, (D) as well as Deputy Speaker of the NJ Assembly has sent out a letter to the Jewish Community of Pasaic Clifton urging them to vote for Murphy.

The following is a link you must all read which demonstrates Murphy’s insinceritywhen campaigning in Lakewood for the Jewish Vote.

You members of the Phony VADD of Lakewood ought to read this.


6 thoughts on “Why is it that Jewish Politicians End Up Causing more Harm to their Jewish Constituents than Anyone Else?”
  1. Garry Schaer?, isn’t he the president of the LGBT Rainbow clan?
    Lakewood VAAD always picks the lowest of the low, they’ll make a few “shekels”, their constituents can all go to hell.
    The Vaad And Gary say the road to hell is paved in gold, they are in the run for first place.

  2. Is it only the liberal, leftist, commies that give us the raw end, all for the want of more Franklins.

  3. Agudah and the VAAD are lying to you “again”.
    Some prominent Rabbonim and true Askonim sued Governor Murphy to force him to open the Shuls, and they won. That’s why they were opened in spite of Agudah and the working hand in pocket with Governor Murphy to keep them closed.
    If one is not intending to vote for the Daas Torah candidate “Jack Ciaterelli”, then don’t go to vote at all.
    Agudah and the VAAD are lying to you “again”.
    Vaad and agudah keep your hands out of our pockets.

  4. חז”ל אומרים, מהרסיך ומחריביך ממך יצאו ר”ל
    They have the “Chutzpah” to claim they are representing Klal-Yuisroel.

  5. גארי שפילט נאך מיט די ינגלך ?
    Now he’s out for the ……?
    We saw a Rainbow today waving at him?

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