You will be forced to take them.

Murphy has already said that he will not hesitate to force New Jersey into Mask Mandate if the Delta Variant gets more aggressive.

The main job of New Jersey citizens now is to ensure that after November we have no Murphy. If Biden doesn’t care about forcing mandates what makes you think Murphy does.

One thought on “White House Doesn’t Care About Your Religious Exemption to Vaccines”
  1. The “vaccines” are not vaccines. Vaccines are inoculation. Inoculation requires treating patients with a diluted sample of a virus, in order to develop immunity by building up tolerance. If what is being pushed on the public was that, than it wouldn’t have taken a year to produce, they would have simply mixed up a batch. What people are blindly taking is an experimental serum that produces the effect of gene-editing. No healthy person should place their body in the hands of a government who already admitted to lying to the American people about covid, and who are currently under criminal investigation for mass murdering nursing homes residents by covid. How stupid can you be? Would you hire a surgeon who was under investigation for murdering patients with the same disease? The only way out of this mess it to fight back. It can be a game changer. The Right has done previous little to retaliate against the Democrat terror spree, power grab, election fraud, medical harassment, and cancel culture censorship campaign, so they’re not prepared for the slightest bit of blowback and won’t be able to withstand it. That’s how we win, not hoping the Republicans will do their jobs. If we don’t take direct action against the Socialist Revolution than we’re doomed. Don’t just let it happen.

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