WASHINGTON, DC - OCTOBER 21: U.S. President Joe Biden (L) and Vice President Kamala Harris attend the 10th anniversary celebration of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial near the Tidal Basin on the National Mall on October 21, 2021 in Washington, DC. Biden attended the memorial's dedication ceremony in 2011 …
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SIMON KENT1 Nov 2021

President Joe Biden’s public struggles with even the simplest usage of the English language have been well documented on the U.S. political scene.

From confusing his wife, Jill Biden, with his sister, Valerie, to saying in the lead-up to last year’s presidential race he is a “candidate for the United States Senate” and people could “vote for the other Biden” if he is not their preferred candidate, it appears he can be easily baffled by the most simple of tasks.

Simply acknowledging his own position ahead of that of Vice President Kamala Harris once proved too much for his cognitive faculties.

Biden was even forced to take notes out of his jacket when asked a simple question about “the most recent hack by the Russians” during an ostensibly unscripted visit to a farmer’s market earlier this year in Central Lake, MI.

Now other countries and commentators are noticing.

Sky News Australia ran an item solely devoted to Biden and his public gaffes last Friday, with host Rita Panahi observing Biden “needs a retirement home and a warm bowl of soup, not access to the nuclear codes” after showing several of his gaffes in recent speeches.

Watch for yourself below:

The laughter from Down Under is being translated into a lack of trust closer to home for the president.

As Breitbart News reported, NBC anchor Chuck Todd debuted a new poll on Sunday’s broadcast of “Meet the Press” which showed 71 percent of Americans believe America is on the wrong track.

Who do they blame?

The same poll reveals all. It showed Biden’s approval rating stands at a dismal 42 percent versus 54 percent who disapprove.

That is no laughing matter for a man who appears barely on first name terms with the English language.