Communities across America should take heed to what is coming

Yosef Benari

Germany, Austria and Italy have now officially declared that the Unvaccinated will be quarantined except for absolutely essential going out unless they agree to vaccinate.

In Australia they have already begun building internment camps for those unwilling to vaccinate. Even in the Internment camps, movement is restricted and subject to massive fines if you stepo out of your quadrant.

Further measures will be terminations from employment and social isolation.

Children will be obligated to vax as well and be subject to the same cruelties for non-compliance.

What will take place in the US remains to be seen but there is every indication that resistance to vaxxing will be met with harsh punishment.

There is some talk in Jewish communities in the tri-state area that store houses will be put together in order to supply Jewish families with the ability to buy products they need as local governments will not take kindly to Jewish communities refusing to vax themselves and their children.

People must strat thinking of solutions since this will come at us very quickly

One thought on “Update Status on World Tyranny Against the Un—Vaccinated”
  1. I agree. Stores of provisions may become necessary if and when the Jewish food supply is restricting by the new Socialist regime as a coercive “vaccine” inducement measure. If it gets to that point, we should go on the offensive and start on planning for that now.

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