The Politics and the Policies

Convergence Migrants from Venezuela and Honduras During 2016-2018 Migrant Crisis
Photo Taken by The Atlantic.Com designed to evoke the compassion of the American People

For years now, the News media and the Democrat establishment, has kept afloat a subject that has taken on the appearance as a central issue in the political consciousness of the United States. The subject, illegal immigration, has been framed by the media as a world political humanitarian crisis that speaks to the very core of any citizens’ moral essence; pointing an accusatory finger at anyone who would dare to question its relevance, “you are the moral equivalent of a Nazi”.

Short films, hard hitting documentaries, books, newspaper editorials, appeared with infectious frequency, displaying “human suffrage,” throngs of poor and destitute peoples running from their strife ridden countries, banging at the border gates of America, pleading for mercy and compassion to be allowed entry.

The so called champaign drinking elite liberals of the Democrat party, would participate in public appeals, fundraisers, political demonstrations, wild concerts, and whatever was the favorite pop-culture venue of the day.

As early on as the post WWII 1950’s, crises in South and Central America, Cuba, China, South East Asia, and many countries in Eastern Europe saw millions of applications to emigrate from their “misery” to the “shores of opportunity” for a chance to “make it.”

Add to that a healthy dose of human smuggling, especially form Cuba, of people that were escaping the brutal newly formed dictatorship of Fidel Castro.

Years later, spokes people of various “open border” movements would appear in news interviews throwing guilt laden passages at the American people as a tactic designed to prevent any serious debate of this subject.

That strategy met with great success as typical people of all stripes would rally around these causes in order to be counted amongst the enlightened of the world. It was especially successful in the Post Holocaust world when people carried the guilt of their silence while millions perished under Nazism and communism.

So successful was this tactic, that 70 years later, in a 21st century world that is dealing with social and political issues heretofore unimagined, the echoes of guilt propaganda still weaken the those who would stand up against the open-borders advocates.

So who are these voices of open-border advocacy? What are their motives? Are those who oppose open borders and mass immigration in fact would be Nazis? What should truly be the reaction of the simple masses in America who might in fact want to be sympathetic to the plight of immigrants? But most importantly are the supporters of open and unlimited immigration truly decent human beings bursting with overwhelming compassion for the destitute?

This is a subject that we will examine in a series of weekly editorials. Stay tuned for part II next week.

Editorial Staff.