We have been bribed with a $1,400.00 pittance to allow a corruption boondoggle.

We have become so immune to numbers especially since Barak Obama (and really George W. Bush as well) took over as the steward of the most massive bailout in world history of the banks and financial institutions.

one Trillion, a number that was NEVER used in relation to any sort of economic stimulus and certainly not a bailout. After that, popular conversations almost never include the figure of “millions” as having any significance at all.

We are totally numb to what Congress as a government body does to us, the citizenry of the United States and the “real body of Government” in the USA, at least according to the constitution which is it’s most sacred governing document.

So lets slowly delve into the COVID 19 bill which was scammed through Congress:

Here is a quote from one of the slimiest newspapers in the world, the NY Times.

“Tucked inside the $1.9 trillion stimulus bill that cleared the Senate on Saturday is an $86 billion aid package that has nothing to do with the pandemic.

Rather, the $86 billion is a taxpayer bailout for about 185 union pension plans that are so close to collapse that without the rescue, more than a million retired truck drivers, retail clerks, builders and others could be forced to forgo retirement income.

The bailout targets multiemployer pension plans, which bring groups of companies together with a union to provide guaranteed benefits. All told, about 1,400 of the plans cover about 10.7 million active and retired workers, often in fields like construction or entertainment where the workers move from job to job. As the work force ages, an alarming number of the plans are running out of money. The trend predated the pandemic and is a result of fading unions, serial bankruptcies and the misplaced hope that investment income would foot most of the bill so that employers and workers wouldn’t have to.”

New York Times

Unfortunately, the backlash is too little too late, as President Biden is expected to sign the legislation this week.

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