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6 thoughts on “Video: Sha’atnez Warning”
  1. why is this new site posting from an unreliable discredited people very single Rav argues with these people DO YOUR HOMEWORK before publishing

  2. This So Called Rabbi is Not approved by not even single Rabbi in Lakewood,Ask your local RAV they all say not to trust this Shatnez Mafia, Look at the people they talk bad about and try to discredit (their competition).

  3. yes it is true these few people go against all the rabbanim and bad mouth any person or store that stand in there way. I asked mr Rav he said these people are not to be used!

  4. I, Yehuda Shain was trained by Mr. Rosenberg in his lab.
    The only ones that are reliable in Shatnez testing is the ones affiiliated with the International Shatnez testers Associatiion.
    They were proven to always be right in Shatnez issues.
    The BDATZ onf MISHPAT SHAOLOM, I asked every one of the Rabbonim if they know the difference of linen, wool, cotton, under a microscope? everyone said that they don’t know. I offered to teach them they refused.
    Reb Yaakov Kamenetsky and other Rabbonim said one may not rely on Kreitman for Shatnez Testing.

    All the Rabbonim in Queens and Monsey say that Kreitman is unreliable in Shatnez testing.
    The Israel Shatnez labs told me that Kreitman is not to be relied upon in Shatnez testing.
    That’s why tefilos are not being accepted.
    Yehuda Shain

  5. Mr Shain really! after all the people you hurt with your notorious shameful bad mouthing no one listens or believes you. It’s SO SAD…… when you turn against someone and start your hit campaigns (be it BMG or any other chashuv person) we shake our heads and say NEBACH:(. Do us all a favor and shut it down.

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