Rachel and Josh speak with Arutz Sheva about efforts to locate their mother, missing in the Miami-area building collapse.

Tags:Miami building collapseYoni Kempinski, Miami , Jun 27 , 2021 10:51

With some 150 people still missing after a condominium collapsed in the Miami-area town of Surfside, Florida last Thursday, relatives of the missing continue to hold out hope that their loved ones may be recovered alive as search and rescue teams work around the clock at the scene of the disaster.

Arutz Sheva spoke with the children of Judy Spiegel, one of the people listed as missing in the collapsed building.

Rachel and Josh described the sense of helplessness and “zero control” as they hope for their mother’s safe recovery.

“We’re still in search of our mom, Judy Spiegel,” said Josh.

Rachel said the two heard about the building collapse “In the middle of the night, very early Thursday morning.”

“My dad got an email from the building. He happened to be awake. He called me. And I called you, and I called Michael, too.”

“We are a family of type A personalities and we want to be able to control things and do things the way we want to get them done,” said Josh. “This is a situation where we have zero control.”

“We’re trying to stay positive and spread good information about my mom to everyone involved so that the search continues and we get her out safe.”

The two expressed their appreciation for support from Israel, both in terms of the search and rescue team dispatched to Surfside and the expressions of solidarity from Israelis with the families of the missing.

“We love it. We’re happy that they’re here.”

“We have a lot of family in Israel and we love Israel, we love going to Israel.”

“My mom loves Israel.”

The two said they remain optimistic that their mother may still be alive.

“There is always hope. We’re holding onto hope. We understand the reality of the situation, but we’re not giving up.”