Many joined the Anti-Gay parade yesterday in Jerusalem. Knesset Member Ben-Gvir and Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Aryeh King attended.

Knesset Member Ben-Gvir at the parade
Rabbi Aviner at the Anti-Gay rally
Many came to rally at the גשר המיתרים

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5 thoughts on “Photos: Anti-Gay Parade In Jerusalem”
  1. It’s about time someone shouts in the streets of Jerusalem that this is terrible

  2. למען ציון לא אחשה ולמען ירושלים לא אשקוט

  3. YINO = Yamina In Name Only
    Have a new Dati younger generation – face it essentially, this whole government fracas is generational on the right,
    been completely saturated by social media and distortions of Dati propaganda ?

    Tuesday Jun 8, 2021
    Kobi Arieli is a modern-Orthodox writer, columnist

    ..And I’m very proud of all the millennials who all this time stuck to this basic understanding, acknowledged it, were cautious, and warned against it. I’m proud of the wise, sensitive Right, which grasped from the first that the battle was for it and its soul, not over Netanyahu and Balfour. I’m proud of the Likudniks, most of the religious Zionists, and the Haredi parties. I’m proud of everyone who understood what was happening. And all the rest? It’s not that they’re stupid, heaven forbid. Who am I to talk that way? They’re just a little less smart.

    Israel Hayom

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